Brisbane: Shoes thrown at Federal Immigration Minister Peter Dutton at refugee ceremony

Federal Immigration Minister Peter Dutton had two sneakers thrown at him at an event in B

14 June – Immigration Minister Peter Dutton was the victim of a shoe throwing incident as he attended a welcome ceremony for refugees in Brisbane this morning.

The minister was about to deliver a speech at Welcomefest, at Annerley, when a man stood up and yelled at him, before throwing two sneakers at him.

A 33-year-old man from Ocean View, near Dayboro, was arrested over the incident.

He later told reporters: “I think (Mr Dutton) should be ashamed for what his Government is doing and how asylum seekers are being treated in detention centres.”

He accused Mr Dutton of hypocrisy over the Government’s policy of turning back asylum seeker boats.

“Here he is welcoming refugees, but his Government isn’t welcoming refugees at all — they’re doing the absolute opposite,” Mr Sprigg said.

The 33-year-old was charged with one count of public nuisance and is expected to appear before the Brisbane Magistrates Court on June 30.

Melbourne: Banner in solidarity with anarchists facing persecution in Spain

In Melbourne on the night of June 13 a banner was hung for the June 13 International Day of Solidarity with Anarchists Facing Persecution from the Spanish state. The banner was hung from a cyclone fence that directly faces busy Punt Rd in Richmond, right near Richmond station and not far from the MCG sports ground.

Solidarity with all anarchist comrades facing persecution via Operation Pandora and Operation Pinata repressive police actions! 

Melnourne: Graffiti action for long term anarchist prisoners

12 June – Graffiti appeared in Melbourne on the night of June 11, the International Day of Solidarity with Long-Term Anarchist Prisoners. The graffiti appeared on walls overlooking the busy West Gate Freeway that connects the Western Suburbs of Melbourne with the rest of the city. The painted slogans included ‘Free All Anarchist Political Prisoners’, ‘Free Emma Sheppard‘ and ‘Free All Long-Term Anarchist Prisoners.’

Melbourne: Graffiti attack on Labour party HQ during protest

5 June – Vandals have defaced the Victorian Labor party HQ in melbourne with pro-refugee slogans during a protest against Labors stance on asylum seekers and mandatory detention.

The protesters painted slogans such as ‘Justice 4 Refugees” and “ALP ur no different to LIBS” during a brazen daylight attack, which they filmed and released online.

The protesters were drawing attention to the plight of the Rohinga refugees and the indifference offered them by the government and the Labor opposition.

Toowoomba: Pro-traditional marriage doctor cops vandalism spray

2 June – Anti-marriage equality campaigner David van Gend got a rude shock when he returned home from an interstate visit this week.

The Toowoomba doctor found his medical centre vandalised with the word “Bigot” painted in red spray paint on the side of his office, along with his surname in black paint.

An encircled letter A – a common symbol for anarchists – was also left on the building.

Dr van Gend is president of the Australian Marriage Forum which recently attracted controversy when it raised $20,000 to pay for two ads on opposing marriage equality during the Mardi Gras.

SBS rejected the ads, but they were screened in prime time on Channels 7 and 9 instead.

Toowoomba Police confirmed they were investigating the graffiti attack.

“My point in noting it is not because it worries me particularly, I’m used to this,” Dr van Gend told the Brisbane Times.

“It’s a symbol of the whole intimidation and demonisation of one side, and one side only, of this debate, and it must stop.”

“I get so much of this, but usually it’s anonymous trolls online,” he said.

“Internet trolling is one thing, but this is malicious damage. I don’t own the building. It’s someone else’s property they’ve vandalised.”

Dr Van Gend says his name plaque on the building has previously been defaced and his staff have received abusive phone calls.

Dr Van Gend believes the same-sex marriage debate has become “unhealthy”.

“Anyone who stands up for the law of the land, for saying that marriage is between a man and a woman… is attacked, not argued with,” he said.

“And that’s what happened [the vandalism to his surgery] yesterday”.

Dr Van Gend says he is not opposed to debating the issue, but he is opposed to threats and abuse.

He says it would be beneficial for both sides of the argument if people “assume goodwill on each other’s side, argue a case, and then vote.”

He says the vandalism attack is “a sad comment on the approach of the pro gay marriage people to any of us who dare raise our little heads and say ‘keep marriage the way it’s always been’.”

“The mother and father unit is so strong, but people are frightened to put their head up, because they won’t only get their surgery defaced by vandals, but they’re going to be treated like they are some sort of moral pariah.”

Apart from a stance against same-sex marriage, same-sex adoption and same-sex surrogacy, the Australian Marriage Forum also argues against the idea that homosexuals are “born that way” and disapproves of the “normalisation” of same-sex relationships being introduced into school education.

Kuala Lumpur: Repression against anarchists in Malaysia


26 May – Police in Malaysia have launched a witch hunt for two anarchists who they are accusing of being the ‘masterminds’ of the anarchist May Day demonstration in Kuala Lumpur during which a bank window was smashed by rocks and the bank’s security guard was slightly injured.

Police are alleging they found a bag left behind at the bank that led them to a 30 year old factory worker from Shah Alam. The worker’s house was raided on May 2nd and a number of items were seized including posters, a Guy Fawkes / Anonymous mask, pamphlets, a slingshot and some smoke bombs.

Police held a press conference on May 26th with the seized items on display and released photos of two anarchists named Markio and Ocha who they say they now want to arrest and charge under Section 148 and Section 4 (using corrosive or explosive substances or offensive weapons) of the Malaysian criminal code. Of course the scum press in Malaysia happily obliged the police by immediately broadcasting their photos and issuing ‘news reports’ that just repeated everything the police said word for word.

Solidarity With The Wanted Comrades Markio And Ocha!

Solidarity With The Malaysian Anarchist Movement!

Fuck The Malaysian Police!


Perth/Melbourne/Sydney: Indigenous protesters occupy colonial offices

25 May – Grandmothers Against Removals protested on ‘Sorry Day’ in Perth against the continuing stolen generations of Aboriginal children.

The rally started by occupying the head office of so-called ‘child protection’, then marched to the Sorry Day event organised by Reconciliation WA.

The public was informed of the current child-removal crisis until police repressed the protest.

The strong action finished off with dances from clans from the East to West coast.

End the fear, end the racism, end the removals. Grandmothers and other family members affected by continuing stolen generations are getting organised and fighting back for self-determination.

25 May – Aboriginal warriors have taken over the department that continues the longstanding, genocidal policy Aboriginal child removal.

31 May – Warriors of the Aboriginal Resistance – WAR have occupied Rio Tinto’s HQ on Collins Street, in Melbourne CBD.

The action was taken in protest against the forced closure of aboriginal communities, and Rio Tintos continued destruction of indigenous homelands and sacred sites.

2 June – Last night, the campaign for affordable housing for Aboriginal people in Sydney stepped up a gear when about 500 people occupied the offices of Deicorp in Redfern. Aboriginal activists from the Redfern Aboriginal Tent Embassy and a large number of supporters, including students , flooded into the lobby and up the stairs chanting “Deicorp, Deicorp, we won’t stop – get your hands off the Block!” before settling into a half-hour sit in to protest the companies planned redevelopment of Redfern’s famous indigenous Block.