Vic Facebook house party ends in riot

POLICE have been pelted with bottles and fireworks during a riot after a massive Facebook-organised party called “mayhem” in an unoccupied Melbourne home.

DT: Up to 400 teenagers clashed with police after partygoers set off fireworks and gatecrashers showed up at the Glen Waverley house.

About 700 people had been invited to the party, mostly through Facebook, according to a group of youths who returned to the house on Saturday.

“They called it mayhem,” one teenager said of the Facebook invite.

“It’s also written inside on the walls.” Continue reading “Vic Facebook house party ends in riot”

Eleven arrested after Aurukun riot

Brisbane Times: Eleven men have been charged in the wake of a mob besieging the local police station in the far north Queensland Aboriginal community of Aurukun.

Police used a Taser on a man late on Monday afternoon, prompting a riot in the tiny community on the Cape York Peninsula.

Superintendent Brett Schafferius said police were called to the community’s general store, where they arrested a man on public nuisance offences.

But the man allegedly turned on officers, punching one in the head. Continue reading “Eleven arrested after Aurukun riot”