Bangkok: Graffiti attack on Criminal Court of Thailand

24 May – According to reports from the mainstream media in Thailand a person or persons unknown sprayed anarchist ‘Circle A’ symbols on the outside of the Criminal Court of Thailand in Bangkok in the early hours of May 24th. It is the first time in history that the court house, known colloquially as Ratchada Criminal Court, has been vandalized. Fence barriers and a bus stop outside the court were also spray painted with anarchist ‘Circle A’ symbols.

The graffiti has caused something of a panic within the Thai establishment and was removed not long after it had been reported but not before journalists were able to photograph it. A spokesperson for the court judiciary has stated that it should not be assumed that there was a political motivation behind the graffiti. Thai authorities stated that their first priority will be to review CCTV footage from around the court house.


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