From Sydney to Nantes, resistance & sabotage

Indymedia: On the evening of the 22nd of Feburary we vandalised the local headquarters of VINCI and their subsidiary company ‘Advitam’ in the Seven Hills industrial zone in western Sydney.
Some windows were cracked, and the slogans: “AGAINST VINCI AND ITS WORLD” &
“THE ZAD IS EVERYWHERE” were painted.

This small act was made in response to a call for actions in solidarity with the monumental struggle in Notre-Dame-des-Landes, France, against an airport which Vinci has been contracted to build. Continue reading “From Sydney to Nantes, resistance & sabotage”

Logan, Qld: molotovs thrown at police station

24 February: Three molotov cocktails have been hurled at Logan’s police headquarters, weeks after an Aboriginal woman was shot by police with a Taser and blinded in one eye.

Police said while one bottle remained intact, two bottles ignited causing minor damage to one police vehicle parked outside. They said they weren’t sure whether those responsible for throwing the devices were on foot or in a passing vehicle.

Police believe the devices were thrown between 3.30 and 4am this morning. CCTV footage from the front of the police station was still being examined.

It follows weeks of tension in Logan after Woodridge woman Sheila Oakley was shot in the eye by police with a Taser and two marches were held by the local indigenous community calling for the officer responsible to be stood down.

Manus Island: protests at detention centre, asylum seeker killed by police

February 17: An asylum seeker was killed and at least 77 injured in the second riot this week at a detention center in Papua New Guinea. 23-year-old Reza Berati, from Iran, was killed by police. One person among the wounded was in a critical condition with a head injury and another sustained gunshot wounds during the clashes on the small island in impoverished Papua New Guinea.

The facility, part of Australia’s tough stance against asylum seekers, has come under fire over human rights concerns. Immigration Minister Scott Morrison said the riot began when detainees forced their way out of the center, but refugee advocates said it was triggered when Manus Island residents and police stormed the facility, attacking the asylum seekers.


Sydney: Antifascist Actions

Death to Fascism

On the 26th of January in Brisbane, a few members of a fascist sect called the ‘Australia First Party’ attempted to disrupt the annual invasion day march held by the local indigenous community.

On the same day in Canberra the fuehrer of the party, Jim Saleam (former leader of ‘National Action’ and ’Australian Nazi Party’) gave a podium speech at a protest against the new Bikie laws in Queensland.

Back in December the party held a small rally outside the Greek consulate in Sydney in support of the ultra-nationalist Golden Dawn party.

In the early hours of February 16 we responded to those provocations by vandalising the ‘Australia First’ headquarters in Tempe, Sydney. We cracked the front windows and stained the glass with paintbombs and etching fluid and sprayed ‘FUCK AUSSIE PRIDE’ and ‘DEATH TO FASCISM’ across the facade.

A week earlier on the 6th of February another small nationalist sect called the ‘Party for Freedom’ had attempted to host an ‘African crime forum’ in Newtown. Continue reading “Sydney: Antifascist Actions”

Sydney: Revenge for TJ

Avenge TJ Burn Da Copshops

Indymedia: In the early hours of February 14, various anti-police slogans were sprayed across dozens of fences, walls, billboards and bus stops throughout Woolloomooloo, Redfern, Chippendale, Camperdown, Darlington and Newtown.

Later that morning hundreds gathered at the fence line were TJ Hickey was chased to his death by police 10 years ago. For hours his family and supporters marched through the streets of Sydney to Parliament House, chanting against the uniformed murderers of the state, with demonstrators carrying banners such as “JUSTICE FOR TJ” “ABORIGINAL CONTROL OF ABORIGINAL AFFAIRS” “AVENGE TJ BURN DA COPSHOPS” “ACAB” “COPS PIGS MURDERERS” and “FUCK THE POLICE” Continue reading “Sydney: Revenge for TJ”

Aceh: Prison Inmates Riot After Officials Refuse Hospital Visit

16 February:  Hundreds of inmates serving time in the Lhokseumawe prison in Aceh rioted at the weekend, clashing with officials, setting fire to parts of the prison and injuring one fireman.

“The riot started on Saturday when an inmate fell sick and members of the family wanted to take him to the hospital but were not given permission by prison officials,” Fathlurachman, chairman of the Justice and Human Rights Ministry’s Aceh branch, said on Sunday.

Fatlurachman said some inmates had been angered by the action and started throwing stones at officials.

The situation eventually got out of control when hundreds more soon joined. Continue reading “Aceh: Prison Inmates Riot After Officials Refuse Hospital Visit”

Melbourne: Three more months for prisoners who started $320,000 Metropolitan Remand Centre riot

February 17: Five prisoners who ran wild and caused more than $320,000 damage will serve just three more months behind bars.

The five rioters caused massive damage at the Metropolitan Remand Centre on August 12, 2012. The court heard the five men scaled a wire fence in their unit’s yard before pushing over another fence and entering a prison perimeter referred to as “The Sterile Zone”. Once inside, the men hurled tennis ball-sized rocks at prison guards and smashed security cameras and windows as they rampaged around the prison between a five-metre wall and the wire fence. Two vehicles, security sensors and CCTV wiring were also damaged.

Three prison officers were injured by rocks during the riot, with one officer struck in the eye by shattered glass.

The men — some of whom were armed with sharpened sticks and rods — were subdued hours later by specialised security officers dressed in full riot gear and accompanied by dogs. The court heard the men planned the riot because “the screws were being smart”. Continue reading “Melbourne: Three more months for prisoners who started $320,000 Metropolitan Remand Centre riot”

Sydney: Anti-racist redecoration

Fuck Racist Scum graffiti

Indymedia: On the evening of January 24 some antifascists reworked a racist mural in Newtown, on a property owned by Sergio Redegalli on the stolen land of the Gadigal people. For the past 4 years he’s been continually repainting islamaphobic statements on his walls which have been vandalised at least a couple hundred times. Despite his expensive security precautions, including numerous CCTV cameras, and motion sensor floodlights, (like many potential targets) it remains easy to attack.

He had only repainted the mural a couple days previously, and the new mural said “STOP MULTICULTURALISM”, calling it a “Petri dish that islam exploits”. We covered the words in red paint then sprayed:


On his other wall he has painted “FREE SPEECH”, which is ironic considering that his racist speech is protected by law while the ability of others to project their speech onto these walls is criminalised. Continue reading “Sydney: Anti-racist redecoration”

Sydney: more actions against ‘Australia day’

Burn the [flag] banner

Indymedia: On the 26th of January, the 226th year since the British Naval fleet of Arthur Philip landed on this territory, we made some modest actions to counter the colonial narrative of ‘Australia’. 4 banners denouncing the nationalist holiday were hung from highway bridges in Broadway, Stanmore, Kogarah and Sutherland reading:





Stolen Land banner

Continue reading “Sydney: more actions against ‘Australia day’”