Melbourne: Man doused himself with petrol in act of protest in foyer of Immigration building

5 August: A man has been taken into custody after dousing himself with petrol in the foyer of a CBD building.

The man, who was in the foyer of the Casselden Place building, which houses the Department of Immigration and Citizenship and the Australian Tax Office, had been speaking with police negotiators before he was arrested about 5.40pm today.

It is believed he was protesting a government department within the building at the corner of Lonsdale and Spring streets.

Witness Andrew Marshall said he saw a translator frantically trying to calm the man, just before a CriticalIRT officer raised his weapon.

Man doused in petrol

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Indonesia: Beer party triggers Tulungagung prison riot

4 August: Tulungagung, East Java  – A party in which beer was served resulted in a riot, along with escape attempts by dozens of prisoners and detainees, after several inmates became intoxicated after drinking Javanese beer, according to Chief of Tulungagung Penitentiary Muji Widodo.

“We noted that at least six inmates are known to have become drunk and made a commotion by breaking block door and provoking other inmates,” said Widodo here on Sunday.

However, the escape attempt by dozens of prisoners was unsuccessful, said prison officials.

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Napier, NZ: bottles thrown at police, cop car smashed

August 5: Hundreds of drunk teenagers hurled bottles at police, fought among themselves and relieved themselves on neighbouring properties at a raucous party in Hawke’s Bay, Napier.

Police say they were abused by violent, intoxicated teens who flocked to the house on Friday night after word spread on Facebook about the “Port Party”.

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