Denmark: Solidarity with the USYD strike from Copenhagen

Indymedia: In the early hours of June 5 some anarchists redecorated the facade of the Australian embassy in Copenhagen with messages of solidarity with the ongoing strike at Sydney University. Students and workers at USYD have faced off against the pigs of the NSW police force on numerous occasions since April this year, in an ongoing campaign against neoliberal restructuring of their university.

We sprayed:







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Townsville: riot at youth detention centre

March 30: A group of youths who rioted at the Cleveland Youth Detention Centre on Wednesday night, reportedly stole staff uniforms and smashed windows, terrorising staff.

A detention centre staff member, who asked not to be named, said eight youths aged between 12 and 17 years were involved, breaking in to two separate parts of the centre via the airconditioning duct.

The Townsville Bulletin has been told one of those sections, a storage area, contained paint and petrol, with the youths barricading themselves inside.

They smashed up the storage area causing substantial damage and also stole staff uniforms and put them on. “They also threw tools like sledgehammers and chisels at police and youth workers,” the source said.

Police officers, including police negotiators, were called to the detention centre on Old Common Rd shortly after 5pm on Wednesday.

A Code Green was called to signal the boys had attempted to run away from their units followed by a Code Olive signal after they climbed on top of the roof, sending the facility into lockdown.

There have since been reports that youth and staff members may have been exposed to asbestos due to damages to the building during the riot.

Saudi Arabia: Riot at Indonesian consulate

10 June: Several people were injured when irate Indonesian expatriate workers set fire to a part of their Consulate in the Saudi Red Sea port city of Jeddah on Sunday, apparently frustrated over the delay in processing their applications to make their stay in the Kingdom legal, Arab media reported quoting officials.

Firefighters brought the blaze under control before spreading to the Consulate’s main building. Unconfirmed reports said one woman was killed in the incident, but police said some people were only injured.

The incident followed a stampede on Saturday when Indonesian women stormed the Consulate in which at least three women were seriously injured, while several fainted.

The Indonesian diplomatic missions in Saudi Arabia are among those swamped with undocumented nationals trying to meet the July 3 deadline set by the Saudi government for “illegals” to rectify their visa status. Confrontation between expatriates, police and Consulate officials stemmed from Indonesian workers’ frustration over long delays and alleged lack of organization at the Consulate, the report said. Continue reading “Saudi Arabia: Riot at Indonesian consulate”

Philippines: anarchist anti-election activities

Bas Channel

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As the campaign period for the May 13 polls heated up on its last day on Saturday, cab driver told that, “I am not excited to vote. Every three years, I keep hearing the same promises from the same people, who keep breaking their promises every two years. Old and new politicians are alike. They want to remain in power forever. They don’t serve the people.”

He referred to the ruling elite, whose members have been well entrenched in politics. Although dynasty and traditional politicians have become dirty words in this year’s polls, critics were not strong and proactive to allow change of candidates. In a depressed area near a river in suburban Quezon City, unemployed voters and poor residents have formed groups, like herds, to receive gifts — consisting of money and grocery items — from handlers of candidates. “Vote-buying is both a blessing and a headache for all…

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Sydney: riot police arrest eleven at University strike

June 5: The fifth day of strike action at Sydney University took a dramatic turn on Wednesday morning, with eleven people arrested by police in two incidents.

Senior lecturer and picket line leader Nick Riemer told Guardian Australia the riot police had “behaved like violent animals” during the first incident.

“We had a picket line of staff and students who were observing the NTEU [National Tertiary Education Union] protocol which says that we are allowed – and it’s what we are here to do – to have conversations with people about why we are here,” said Riemer.

He alleged the police gave no verbal warning before “swooping” on protesters after they sat down on the driveway of the Carillon Avenue entrance to the university in front of a truck attempting to enter the grounds.

Riemer claimed protesters were “violently manhandled, they yanked them out of the way, they pushed them – I got pushed, I got asphyxiated for a small number of seconds. I got violently manhandled.” Continue reading “Sydney: riot police arrest eleven at University strike”

Waikato, NZ: Prisoners riot

I June: Prisoners at Spring Hill prison in Waikato caused millions of dollars of damage in an 8-hour riot on Saturday.

Corrections chief executive Ray Smith said the incident started just after 10am, when the 29 prisoners in the high-security unit suddenly became disruptive, aggressive and violent towards staff who were forced to retreat from the unit. It is understood the prisoners were then able to break into a storage facility housing sports equipment, including volleyball poles, which were then used as weapons. Cleaning products found in the storage area were used to light fires in the unit’s grounds and items including mattresses and blankets were burnt.

Corrections Minister Anne Tolley said “They bashed through into the guards’ areas, into the officers’ area, then they got all the records and the files and burnt all those.”

The riot was brought under control before 8pm on Saturday after large numbers of police, fire and prison staff were brought in to regain control of the devastated wing.

Three prison officers suffered injuries including a broken arm, dislocated shoulder and facial injuries.

Officials are blaming the riot on ‘gang rivalries’, but a friend of an inmate says that inmates were angry about a new lockdown regime. Continue reading “Waikato, NZ: Prisoners riot”