Cunningar: Vehicles torched at duck farm construction site

Bite Back, 22 October: Early morning Monday 13th October, the Animal Liberation Front and Earth Liberation Front decided to pay a visit to Pepe’s Ducks construction site at Linden Rd. Cunningar, NSW.

Targeting Pepe’s business was an easy choice for us, given that they are the biggest Australian supplier of factory duck meat to the masses. But as the human population grows, and Pepe’s $400,000 bill in 2012 for being a fraud has to be paid, it’s no surprise they are seeking to destroy more land and more lives in order to keep themselves on top.

A storm was moving in, and the skies had opened up by the time we reached the site, but without hesitation we decided to act. Incendiary devices were strategically placed and accelerant spread on 3 of their earth destroying machines, and with just a spark, smoke began to fill the sky as we made our departure.

For all those suffering at the hands of their domesticators.

Commodified, but not forgotten.


Sydney: Flood of left-wing anarchist street posters make waves in inner city

Have these posters gone too far?

7 November: A war of words is being played out on inner west walls as tensions between far left and far right activists heat up.

A flood of posters preaching anti-fascist and anarchist messages have been plastered around Marrickville, Enmore and Newtown, including provocative ones urging readers to kill capitalists and fascists.

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