Syndey: Cops Injured In Clash With Youths At Wild Bash In Abandoned Sydney Home

7 May – Police have clashed with revellers at a wild house party in Sydney’s south overnight.

A police officer was hospitalised and a teenager has been charged following the out-of-control party in a vacant house at Gymea on Friday night.

Shortly before 8pm officers attached to Sutherland Local Area Command were called to the property on View Street after complaints about the party, police said.

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Melbourne: Two off-duty Vic Polic e officers bashed on NYE

31 Dec – Two off-duty police officers were seriously assaulted after they tried to stop a group of people letting off illegal fireworks in Melbourne on New Year’s Eve.

The two officers approached the group in Brunswick just before midnight on New Year’s Eve after they noticed them using illegal fireworks, a police spokesman said on Wednesday.

A fight then broke out in a nearby alley and one of the officers was knocked unconscious while the other suffered serious facial injuries. Both were taken to the Royal Melbourne Hospital in a serious condition, but they have since been released. Police are investigating the incident which is believed to have involved local residents.

Sydney: Police assaulted while trying to shut down 1000-person dance party

12 April: Two police officers have been injured following the closure of a dance party in Sydney involving approximately 1000 people.

Police were called to an abandoned industrial area on McPherson Street, Botany at 10.30pm on Saturday after receiving complaints about the rave.

About 1000 people were moved on with relative ease, but it is alleged a number of partygoers began throwing glass bottles at police.  One of these bottles struck an officer who suffered cuts to his head. The officer was taken to Prince of Wales Hospital to have pieces of glass removed from his head. Another police officer was allegedly assaulted by a 26-year-old woman, who was taken to Botany Bay Police Station for questioning.

Police, accompanied by the riot and dog squads, used capsicum spray to subdue unruly partygoers. A number of people were treated for minor capsicum spray contamination.

Police are investigating the incident and trying to determine if the party was promoted on social media platforms.

Christchurch: Police pelted with bottles at student parties

25 May: Police were pelted with bottles in Upper Riccarton in Christchurch last night as four “alcohol-fuelled” parties caused mayhem. Between 100 -150 people were at the parties when police were sent out to quell party-goers in the Suva St area.

“There were four parties at four different addresses with almost rioting behaviour,” said inspector Murray Hurst. Police called the Fire Service to put out a bonfire about midnight. Arrests were made, said Hurst.

The incident follows a separate altercation in Riccarton on Friday night where a drunken female partygoer punched and kicked a police office. The woman was joined by other female partygoers who continued the attack until nearby officers could come to his rescue.  Continue reading “Christchurch: Police pelted with bottles at student parties”

Perth: Party youths riot in Peppy Grove

27 January: Police in riot gear were called to a party in Peppermint Grove overnight amid reports 500 youths were creating a disturbance.

More than 200 youths pelted police with beer bottles at Manners Hill Park on the Swan River foreshore about 10:00 pm last night.

Officers using riot shields moved in to disperse the crowd. No arrests have been made and no-one was injured.

Yeppoon (QLD): Cops pelted with bottles

January 11 Five men have been charged after rowdy party guests allegedly pelted police with bottles in central Queensland.

Officers say they found out about an 18th birthday party on Adelaide Park Rd, Yeppoon, after it was advertised on social media. About 11pm (AEST) on Friday, police were called to the home after reports of fights.

When officers arrived, there was a crowd of more than 500 people. They allege partygoers began throwing bottles at them and the windscreen of a police car was smashed. Officers were again pelted with bottles when they tried to get out of their cars.

Police had to remain at the home for about one and a half hours to bring the party under control. Three men, aged 18, and a 19-year-old man have been charged with causing a public nuisance. An 18-year-old man was charged with the common assault of an ambulance driver.

Surfers Paradise: Police station attacked, police injured

31 December: It was rubberneckers who caused the most problems for officers when a group of men surrounded a Gold Coast police station and pelted it with projectiles early Tuesday morning.

Police said the violence broke out after two men were arrested for fighting in Orchid Avenue early Tuesday morning, no more than 30 metres from the Surfers Paradise police station.

The arresting officers said they were followed back to the station on Orchid Avenue by a large group of men, who they described as ‘‘verbally abusive and extremely aggressive’’. Inspector Tracy Dale said the crowd gathered outside the station and began throwing cans and other projectiles at the officers. One person threw a shoe towards the station.

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Christchurch: Riot police pelted as party blows up

2 January: Police in full riot gear were pelted with bottles as they tried to break up a new year party in Christchurch, while in Wellington 52 people were arrested on a night when police said people were generally well behaved.

Police were called to the out-of-control party in Spreydon after about 200 partygoers broke almost every window in the house and broke doors.

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Vic Facebook house party ends in riot

POLICE have been pelted with bottles and fireworks during a riot after a massive Facebook-organised party called “mayhem” in an unoccupied Melbourne home.

DT: Up to 400 teenagers clashed with police after partygoers set off fireworks and gatecrashers showed up at the Glen Waverley house.

About 700 people had been invited to the party, mostly through Facebook, according to a group of youths who returned to the house on Saturday.

“They called it mayhem,” one teenager said of the Facebook invite.

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Indonesia: Beer party triggers Tulungagung prison riot

4 August: Tulungagung, East Java  – A party in which beer was served resulted in a riot, along with escape attempts by dozens of prisoners and detainees, after several inmates became intoxicated after drinking Javanese beer, according to Chief of Tulungagung Penitentiary Muji Widodo.

“We noted that at least six inmates are known to have become drunk and made a commotion by breaking block door and provoking other inmates,” said Widodo here on Sunday.

However, the escape attempt by dozens of prisoners was unsuccessful, said prison officials.

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