Brisbane: ‘Tyrant’ graffiti at Premier’s office

29 October: The Queensland Premier’s electorate office has been targeted by vandals who seem to be protesting the decision to lift the ban on uranium mining.

Premier Campbell Newman’s electorate office, in Ashgrove’s Central Plaza, has been spray painted with the words “tyrant” and radiation symbols.

A moustache has also been drawn on the photograph of Mr Newman.

Indonesia: Arham free after trial for alleged riots

Kokemi, 23 October: After going through the trial process and the case had lived for over two months, finally Arham who was arrested for alleged rioters in solidarity to his friends that drop out by the college, is free today.

We of the editorial Kokemi hope no fire extinguish, at least the flowers could still be thrown into the air, dividing to every point.

Perth: police pelted with rocks, bottles & flares at out of control Halloween party

28 October: Police were pelted with rocks, bottles and even smoke flares at an out of control party in Perth’s southern suburbs on Saturday night.

Officers from Police Airwing, the Regional Operations Group, mounted section and dog squad were called to the scene to help disperse the unruly crowd some of whom threw rocks, bottles and smoke flares at the officers.

Disturbing footage from the police chopper released this morning clearly shows hordes of youths outside the home where the party was being held. The footage shows dozens of the youths picking up rocks from the ground and hurling them at the officers.The footage also captures the moment a flare is thrown high into the air right in front of the police helicopter. Continue reading “Perth: police pelted with rocks, bottles & flares at out of control Halloween party”

Katherine: Aboriginal man dies after release from custody

Indigenous Peoples’ Issues: Another death of an Aboriginal man potentially involving police in the Northern Territory has sparked calls for an inquiry and urgent action to stop police harassment and brutality.

Mr E Lewis, a Warlpiri man living in Katherine, passed away shortly after being released from police custody on September 23.

Mr Lewis was a diabetic amputee, who was held in custody for more than 24 hours. He died in his sleep shortly after being released.

Family of Mr Lewis say there are many witnesses alleging he was treated roughly during his arrest, which occurred during a large card game in Katherine.

They also say that before his death, Mr Lewis had complained about being dragged and kicked in custody, along with being denied food, water and medication. Continue reading “Katherine: Aboriginal man dies after release from custody”

Melbourne: Aboriginal teen kept in solitary confinement

27 October: A teenage boy who tried to escape from  Parkville Juvenile Justice Centre in July was held in solitary confinement for almost four months.

Victorian lawyers and the Child Safety Commissioner have raised serious concerns about a 16-year-old Aboriginal boy who was held in solitary confinement at one of the state’s adult jails.

The teen spent nearly four months in solitary confinement at the Charlotte maximum security unit inside Port Phillip Prison while under the protection of the Department of Human Services (DHS).

The teenager spent 22 hours a day in solitary confinement. The other two hours of the day were spent handcuffed in an exercise yard.

Director of the Law Institute of Victoria, Michael Holcroft, is highly critical of the case.

“It’s a form of torture. It’s the same sort of thing that happened to David Hicks in Guantanamo Bay,” he said. Continue reading “Melbourne: Aboriginal teen kept in solitary confinement”

Indonesia: Police name 11 suspects in Pamulang University riot

20 October: The police named 11 suspects on Friday for their alleged involvement in a campus riot on Thursday at Pamulang University in South Tangerang.

Throngs of students at the campus staged a protest — believed to be related to several police attacks on students across the country — as deputy National Police chief Comr. Gen. Nanan Sukarna delivered a public lecture at the university on Thursday.

Nanan was only in his first minutes of his address when the students’ protest turned ugly, and he was forced to flee the scene. Two police companies were dispatched to secure the area and bring the crowds under control.

Rumors abounded that police had fired live ammunition in order to regain control, injuring one student identified as Feri Irawan. Continue reading “Indonesia: Police name 11 suspects in Pamulang University riot”

Nauru: More protests and hunger strike as conditions deteriorate

Refugee Action Coalition: Another 38 asylum seekers, Iranian and Afghan, arrived in Nauru this morning (Friday 19 October) taking the number of asylum seekers, in the increasingly crowded detention centre, to around 330.

But asylum seekers on Nauru continue to protest. A united protest of all detainees was held on Wednesday 17 October, demanding that processing of refugee claims start immediately and that the Australian government stop sending asylum seekers to Nauru.

Attached is a statement (in English) issued on 17 October outlining their demands.

The Refugee Action Coalition has also been told that an Iranian man is on the eighth day of a protest hunger strike. Asylum seekers say that his condition has noticeably deteriorated and they are worried about his health. Continue reading “Nauru: More protests and hunger strike as conditions deteriorate”

Gympie: Employment agency vandalised twice in one month

11 October: A number of glass windows on demountable buildings were found smashed yesterday morning at Skill Centred training depot in Gympie, Qld.

It’s the second time in a month that Skill Centred has been vandalised.

About three weeks ago a Mazda work ute was completely destroyed. Vandals wrecked the vehicle beyond repair to the extent of putting a substance in the fuel tank. They also took to the depot with a crowbar and started a fire.

Because nothing was stolen, it appeared to be a mindless act of vandalism.


Brisbane: police cars trashed at out-of-control party

October 6: A girl who attended an out-of-control Facebook-organised party in Brisbane claims it only erupted into violent street chaos after police arrived to shut it down last night.

Police were pelted with bottles and stubbies after being called to an address at Beddoes Street, Holland Park, around 9pm Friday after multiple complaints from neighbours. Four police vehicles were damaged and two were towed after teens turned on police.

A Queensland Police Service spokesman said more than 500 people were at the party. It took police over an hour to move the crowd, mostly teenagers, away from the area. Continue reading “Brisbane: police cars trashed at out-of-control party”

Nauru: disturbance at temporary immigration centre

3 October: A number of men were held by Nauruan Police on Sunday night for “a minor disturbance” that resulted in damage to the kitchen, a tent and lighting facilities at the island’s temporary immigration centre.

Rod Henshaw, spokesman for Nauru’s government, said those involved were from Iraq and Iran, but represented only a small percentage of those being held at the facility.

“You have to understand these people are fairly frustrated,” Mr Henshaw told Radio Australia.

“They don’t want to be here, they are here, so they are probably pretty cheesed off.” Continue reading “Nauru: disturbance at temporary immigration centre”