Anarchists welcome North Thailand’s new ‘Australian’ Honorary Consul to the job with a home visit


On Sunday 29 January 2017, anarchists in the northern Thai city of Chiang Mai visited the home of the newly appointed Australian Honorary Consul, Ronald Elliott, to share with him our analysis of Australia’s immigration policies regarding refugees, and to communicate our opinion of Australia’s highly offensive annual nationalist celebration of occupation, displacement and genocide.

We recognise Mr Elliott, who was appointed Australian Honorary Consul in northern Thailand on 17 January, 2017, as representing the vile policies of the colonised land known as ‘Australia’. Hence, in welcoming his new appointment as the ambassador of a government which makes no apologies for its racist immigration policies and unashamed barbaric treatment of refugees, we decorated the wall protecting his expensive upper-middle class property with a demand to “Free the Refugees”.

Similarly, in solidarity with the 7 Days of Resistance to Invasion Day, called by Warriors of the Aboriginal Resistance (WAR), we also added the demand to “Decolonise “Australia” to Mr Elliot’s property.

We trust that Mr Elliott will report our message to his superiors in the Australian Embassy proper in Bangkok, who will in turn submit a mandatory report regarding the incident to the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) and their cronies in the ‘Australian’ government.

In undertaking our visit to Mr Elliott’s residence in the over-policed and exclusive gated community, Mod Chic, in Moo Ban Sansaran, the strategy we used to negotiate entry reaffirmed that no matter how many walls and borders the rich, and by extension the State, create to keep out “undesirables”, those with motivation to gain access to spaces will always find a way-  a lesson the ‘Australian’ government would do well to consider when implementing its immigration policies and squandering billions of dollars on “defending the borders”.

via: Insurrection News

Thailand: Yala prison riot brought under control

15 April – Though more than 1,000 inmates were involved in the Yala Prison riot yesterday morning, the situation was brought under control within hours, acting director-general of the Corrections Department Kobkiat Kasivivat said.

The riot stemmed from a fight between two groups of prisons at about 10am. The 10 members of one group hail from Trang and the other from Yala, which is also 10-member strong.

One Trang inmate allegedly stabbed a member of the Yala group in the back with a shank pipe, he said, adding that the situation had been brought into control by noon. Prison officials will move some members of the Trang group to the Songkhla Prison in order to prevent another riot, he added.

Thailand: Cannery Row Strike Wins Pay Promise for Workers

26 Feb – A strike of more than 1,100 workers at a canned food factory southwest of Bangkok in Samut Sakhon province ended today with company executives agreeing to pay overtime and wages allegedly withheld from workers.

The strike, which began Thursday and mostly involved workers from Myanmar, was a rare victory in a country where migrant workers routinely suffer discrimination and harsh working conditions with little or no leverage.

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Thailand: Vendors Shut Down Police Counterfeit Crackdown

Angry vendors went on a rampage Wednesday when officers arrived to seize counterfeit products being sold in Sa Kaeo province near the border with Cambodia.

3 Feb — Police are licking their wounds after an enraged mob of vendors chased them away when they tried to seize fake goods at a market near the Cambodian border.

Twelve officers were injured Wednesday when police and French Embassy observers went to the Rong Kluea market at Aranyaprathet in Sa Kaeo province to seize items such as fake perfume that violate intellectual property law, according to the Department of Special Investigation.

A DSI statement said about 400 Cambodian laborers surrounded the officers, pelted them with rocks and bottles and pushed over a police pickup truck. It said the police were withdrawn to ease tensions.


Bangkok: Graffiti attack on Criminal Court of Thailand

24 May – According to reports from the mainstream media in Thailand a person or persons unknown sprayed anarchist ‘Circle A’ symbols on the outside of the Criminal Court of Thailand in Bangkok in the early hours of May 24th. It is the first time in history that the court house, known colloquially as Ratchada Criminal Court, has been vandalized. Fence barriers and a bus stop outside the court were also spray painted with anarchist ‘Circle A’ symbols.

The graffiti has caused something of a panic within the Thai establishment and was removed not long after it had been reported but not before journalists were able to photograph it. A spokesperson for the court judiciary has stated that it should not be assumed that there was a political motivation behind the graffiti. Thai authorities stated that their first priority will be to review CCTV footage from around the court house.