Update from the Australian government’s offshore refugee detention center on Nauru

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11.05.16: Today is day 53 of ongoing peaceful protests by refugee families detained in the RPC3 compound at the Australian government’s inhumane offshore refugee detention center on Nauru. Refugees from other compounds at the center and asylum seekers who have been forcibly ‘resettled’ in the Nauru community have also been joining the daily protests for some time now.

A banner is being displayed by the refugees that says ‘WHAT’S HAPPENED WITH HODAN?”, in reference to the young refugee woman who self-immolated on May 2nd and was air-lifted in an extremely serious condition to a hospital in Brisbane, Australia. Hodan’s current condition is shrouded in secrecy, and her comrades on Nauru are extremely worried about her.

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Sydney: Police make fresh arrests at anti-Westconnex occupation in Haberfeild

Bill Holliday being carried out of 27 Wattle St

May 16 – Two residents who occupied an apartment in a forcibly acquired block in Haberfield to protest its destruction for WestCONnex were arrested yesterday and charged with trespass.

The pair occupied 27 Wattle St overnight after its former residents were forced to leave. The property is due to be demolished and replaced with a WestCONnex construction site.

“We were prepared to stay as long as we could,” said Bill Holliday, 67, one of the two men arrested.

“The home was just a delight – beautifully renovated and lovingly cared for. To demolish places like these is just a travesty when so many people in Sydney are struggling to find homes.

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Another suicide on Nauru

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nauru_someport_omid Refugees on Nauru protesting after a Omid took his own life last month

Tragically, a 24 year-old  refugee from Bangladesh has died on Nauru .

Rakhib, died after taking an overdose of tablets, including a large amount of Panadol.

Their refugee application was processed about five months ago and they have been living in a refugee camp since then.

The official Immigration report says they  died of heart failure, but omits to mention the overdose which is almost certainly the underlying reason for the heart failure.

Doctors4Refugees made a statement when sharing a link to the Australian Border Force release.

26 [sic] year olds very rarely die from heart problems and ‘heart failure’ is anyway not a diagnosis. Being in Australian offshore detention on Nauru or Manus Island is evidently an extremely high risk undertaking.

This poor man’s death must be thoroughly investigated, but there is no transparency in Australian…

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Syndey: Cops Injured In Clash With Youths At Wild Bash In Abandoned Sydney Home

7 May – Police have clashed with revellers at a wild house party in Sydney’s south overnight.

A police officer was hospitalised and a teenager has been charged following the out-of-control party in a vacant house at Gymea on Friday night.

Shortly before 8pm officers attached to Sutherland Local Area Command were called to the property on View Street after complaints about the party, police said.

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Nauru: Somalian refugee Hadon fighting for her life after self-immolating

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n3Refugee Action Coalition

A 21 year-old Somali female refugee, Hadon, has set fire to herself on Nauru.

She is presently at the Nauru hospital. The Refuge Action Coalition understands that an air ambulance has already been called to medivac Hadon to Australia.

Witnesses say she is badly burned – saying all her clothes have been burned off. One report says she has suffered burns at least as bad as Omid.

Hadon was one of three refugees snatched by Border Force office at 3.00am from the Brisbane Immigration Transit Accommodation last Wednesday morning , 27 April.

She was carried bodily out of the detention centre by Border Force officers.

The removals came in the early hours following the news that the PNG Supreme Court had found that the Manus detention centre was unlawful.

Hadon was brought to Australia in November last year – after suffering a serious head…

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Nauru: Another Refugee Attempts Suicide by Self Immolation

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attempted_suicide_01052016 Police take the young man into custody

While refugees on Nauru are mourning the suicide death of Omid, another young man has attempted self immolation in RCP1.

Yesterday afternoon at 6pm Nauruan time the 20 year old known as Milad doused himself with petrol but was arrested before he could follow through with the act.

He is known to have mental health issues, as do many if not all of the refugees on the 22km square island, which is being used by Australia as a human dumping ground as part of its refugee policies

This is at least the sixth suicide attempt in the last week.

A Somali woman also attempted self immolation but she was also prevented from doing do by onlookers.

Instead of providing mental health care to those who attempt to take their own lives Nauru has charged some of them using an outdated law which…

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Update on the protests by refugees at the Australian government’s detention center on Nauru

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vigil28.04.16: Vigil by refugee solidarity activists outside the RBWH hospital in Brisbane, Australia for Nauru detainee Omid who is being treated at the hospital. Omid self-immolated on 27.04.16 and is in a life-threatening condition with burns to over 80% of his body. 

28.04.16: For 40 days now refugee families detained in the RPC3 compound at the Australian government’s offshore refugee detention center on Nauru have been staging daily protests against the conditions of their detention and to demand that they be granted asylum in Australia. On 14.04.16. the protesting refugees wrote an open letter to the people of Australia calling on them to take action and protest in solidarity with them. The response from people in Australia has been fairly muted – some small protests and solidarity actions by small but dedicated groups of refugee solidarity activists have taken place but nothing on a large scale as of yet. The…

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Naarm / Melbourne: LGBTQI community blockade of Australian Christian Lobby event

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On the evening of 27.08.16. the far-right religious conservative, transphobic, queerphobic hate group the Australian Christian Lobby (ACL) held an event at Scot’s Church in Naarm / Melbourne CBD.

The ACL have been running a hateful campaign in conjunction with the ruling Liberal National Party (LNP) that has resulted in the LNP cutting vital aspects of the Safe Schools program, a program that was set up to stop bullying of LGBTQI kids in schools. In Tasmania, the ACL are attempting to block changes to Equal Opportunity legislation which would remove obstacles that currently prevent Transgender people from changing the sex indicated on their birth certificates. The ACL are also campaigning to repeal abortion laws in Victoria and to block change to laws affecting sex workers in South Australia.

One of the speakers at the Naarm / Melbourne event included Eric Metaxas, a conservative bigot from the USA who is infamous for…

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