NSW: “Fuck The Police” zine

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This project was initiated as a response to NSW police propaganda regarding their 150 year history, specifically their release of a NSW police history book titled ‘True Blue’ and their 2012 annual report (available on their website). The report celebrates their many ‘accomplishments’ this year, in particular their ‘public engagement’ events.

As there are already a number of decent books written on the history of resistance in this territory, we decided to put together a short compilation of anti police actions throughout 2012, that would mirror the style and format of the NSW police annual report. Continue reading “NSW: “Fuck The Police” zine”

Canberra: Kangaroo attacks politician

May 16: An Australian politician taking his morning jog through the capital has been attacked by a kangaroo.

Shane Rattenbury, a minister in the Australian Capital Territory government that administers Canberra, said he was jogging along the pavement in suburban Ainslie when he almost collided with an eastern grey kangaroo that had been grazing on a front lawn.

“We both got a nasty fright – and of course when kangaroos are startled they lash out,” the 41-year-old said. “As the kangaroo sought to escape, it landed on me, and its claws dug into my leg.”

Rattenbury said the 1.4-metre (4ft 7in) marsupial knocked him to ground, with the claws drawing blood from two deep scratches on his left leg. His right leg was bruised from the impact of the fall. Continue reading “Canberra: Kangaroo attacks politician”

Workers’ struggles in East Asia (April 2013)

From Spartacus’s blog on Libcom: Summary and links to news stories of workers’ struggles around East Asia during April 2013 and related resources. The most important stories appear on my Twitter feed as soon as I find them: http://twitter.com/spartacusnews.

This month there has been news from Cambodia, China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, South Korea, Taiwan, and Vietnam.

Perhaps the most significant event from the last month has been the ongoing strike by dock workers at Asia’s third biggest port in Hong Kong – it has certainly received the most English language media coverage as you’ll see below. I decided not to post my usual list of most important stories as there were so many for that strike. They are still marked in bold for each country. For reports of workers struggles in Mandarin, as usual I urge you to check Jasmine Revolution and JTTP.cn with the help of a translator website if you need it.

All reports ordered by country and date: Continue reading “Workers’ struggles in East Asia (April 2013)”

Manila, Philippines: “Win or lose, we go shopping after the election” – Imelda Marcos

From Onsite Infoshop in Muntinlupa City (Manila south), Philippines.

Bas Channel

Last April 27 2013, a group of politicians with their aids and supporters stormed Onsite community in Muntinlupa City; they were armed with colorful propaganda materials, loud sound system combined with sweet talks and fake smiles.



They shook hands with people who are characterized by “culture of silence”; they tend to keep issues within themselves and generally avoid confrontation with the politicians.

the power of bulletin board

The beauty of spontaneity lies in its unpredictability. The politicians encountered unexpected things which exposed their ignorance. First, they unable to react to bulletin board set-up by Onsite Infoshop volunteers; it deals about the inability of the politicians and local officials to respond to flood that regularly occurs in the community.

Then, they met a well articulate and tenacious volunteer who discussed flood problem and its relationship to the changing pattern of the climate. He told politicians to pay attention to more serious issues such as heavy…

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Sydney: Illegal ‘bush doofs’ a breeding ground for wild behaviour

5 May: They’re a breeding ground for wild behaviour, sexual assaults, violence and underage drinking – and they’re as tough to control as your average 16-year-old.

In the events known as “bush doofs”, hundreds of drunken teens descend on a vacant property for a night of thumping music, dancing and wild partying. Riot police were called in to shut down the most recent illegal parties. Highly organised, experienced party planners go to great lengths to keep the events under wraps. Details of the parties are posted on Facebook for only 15 minutes to prevent authorities tracking down the location. The invite list is compiled by word of mouth. A $15 fee covers entry and other set-up costs.

The most recent bush doof at Kellyville was shut down by the riot squad a week ago on Saturday night when hundreds of drunken teenagers were caught trespassing on a property owned by Sami Fahd. The week before, out-of-control partiers stormed through Wentworthville, overturning cars and causing thousands of dollars worth of damage. Three people were arrested.

Organisers refer to the events as “round” parties, an apparent taunt to authority to imply they are recurring, much like a boxing match. The bush doof at Kellyville was “round 7”.

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Melbourne: riot at anarchist solidarity party and real estate agent smashed

Anarchist News: On the evening of friday 26th of april, cops raided a solidarity party for anarchist prisoners at a squatted warehouse in Clifton Hill. Upon entry the pigs were immediately pelted with bottles and forced to retreat. However backup was called, and shortly after the warehouse was surrounded by riot squad, regular cops, and dogs. The occupants were forced out of the building and on to the street where the cops were attacked a second time with bottles, rocks, and other projectiles while the party goers chanted “A.C.A.B!”

A police radio was stolen and used to taunt and verbally abuse the bastards. The cops responded with baton charges, pepper spray, and mauling people with their dogs. At this point the revellers disappeared into the night to party elsewhere. Many were heard to comment “best party ever!”

As a response to this police attack, and as an act of solidarity with this small rupture and an attempt to broaden its horizons we went to North Fitzroy and smashed up a real estate agent.

We also express our solidarity and warm regards to anarchist Felicity Ryder who is still on the run, and to Jock Palfreeman, antifascist prisoner in Bulgaria.


– Corey Delaney Brigade

(A Channel 7 news report can be seen here)