Yangon: Over 200 workers set up barricades around factory

 Some of the striking workers are seen at DJY Knitting Myanmar Ltd. sock factory. Zaw Zaw Htwe/The Myanmar Times
Some of the striking workers are seen at DJY Knitting Myanmar Ltd. sock factory.
5 Sept 2017 – Over 200 protesters from DJY Knitting Myanmar Co. Ltd sock factory, stepped up in their strike by building barricades around the factory on September 4, as their demands were denied again.

“The factory officials violated the law. They fired us without proper reasons. Now we’re also forced to break the law. We resorted to blockade in search of a better outcome,” worker leader Ko Phyoe Ko Ko Aung told The Myanmar Times on September 4.

The dispute was mediated by the Hlaing Tharyar township arbitration group in the morning of September 4, and has been passed on to the Yangon regional arbitration council due to a lack of settlement.

Strikers said that they will maintain the barricade until they get positive results. Workers asked the factory officials to re-hire them at their former positions or to compensate for the loss of jobs, in accordance with the labour law.

“The factory denied both rehiring and compensating. We have no other choice than to build barricades. It can last more than two months if we go with the routes of arbitration councils system and strikers have problems with their daily expenses,” said Ko Pyoe Ko Ko Aung.

Factory officials told The Myanmar Times on September 4 that they were blocked in the factory by the protesters. They have informed the respective officials of Myanmar, as well as the Chinese Embassy, to solve the dispute.

“They are acting against the law. What they are doing is illegal. We will solve this issue legally with the respective officials. We don’t talk with [the strikers] anymore,” said a factory official. He added that the factory will not compensate nor re-hire the strikers who were fired last month. Workers who want to join the factory again can apply as new recruits; they will not get their former jobs.

“Today, the worker’s demands were completely denied. The factory blocked every possible route for conciliation. We don’t encourage the barricades as it is illegal, but we also don’t object to their strike,” said Ko Aung Soe Min, labour supporting officer from the worker organisation We Generation. We Generation has been helping to solve the dispute between the workers and DJY sock factory.

Over 228 of the sock factory’s workers have been protesting since August 7, demanding the rehiring of their worker leader Ko Soe Thura Ko, and the creation of an independent labour union.

All strikers were sacked by the factory on August 22 because they failed to return to work by the deadline set by management.

The DJY Knitting Myanmar Co. Ltd, opened the sock factory in Haling Tharyar two years ago and has been producing various kinds of socks, including famous brands for export, according to a factory official.

There were about 400 workers in the factory, over 200 of which are currently on strike. Meanwhile over 100 of the workers are still working at the factory.

On September 1, protesters also marched to the Hlaing Tharyar industrial zone, demanding their rights.


Indonesia: Update on Resistance to the New Yogyakarkta International Airport

 29 Aug 2017 – On Monday, August 28 at 1pm, heavy equipment escorted by hundreds of police entered the southern farm, displacing citizens’ land and causing damage including land of citizens who refused to build Kulon Progo airport (NYIA). Prior to this there had been no notice of “evictions” and the operation of heavy equipment for the construction of airports. At 2PM the residents had blocked the heavy equipment to operate but were outnumbered. The heavy equipment and apparatus protecting it continue to operate under the pretext that the land belongs to PAG (Pakualaman Ground). *Tuesday, August 29, early morning residents and farmers began to confront heavy equipment.

*Feudal claim of land ownership and have been legitimized/legalized by the so called democratic state of Indonesia.


Senin 28 Agustus pukul 13.oo, alat berat yang dikawal ratusan aparat masuk ke arah selatan pertanian, menggusur lahan warga dan mengakibatkan kerusakan termasuk lahan para warga yang menolak pembangunan bandara Kulon Progo (NYIA). Sebelum ini sama sekali tidak ada pemberitahuan mengenai “penggusuran” dan beroperasinya alat berat untuk pembangunan bandara. Pada pukul 14.00 warga sempat menghalangi alat berat untuk beroperasi tapi kalah jumlah. Alat berat dan aparat yang melindunginya tetap melangsungkan operasinya dengan dalih bahwa tanah itu adalah milik PAG (Pakualaman Ground)

Selasa 29 Agustus, pagi hari warga dan petambak mulai menghadang alat berat.

(via Insurrection News & Indonesian Counter-Information)