Barwon: Prison prisoners go on strike

5 Sept – Prisoners at the state’s most secure jail have gone out on strike to demand more pay.

Some inmates at maximum security Barwon Prison want a better deal and have been refusing to work since last week.

Management at the jail, near Geelong, on Monday took action of their own, confining those refusing to work under new arrangements to their cells.

Journalists have been told the situation had been, at times, tense and that those prisoners locked down were being allowed out of their cells on a rotation basis.

Specialist officers from the security and emergency services group were on standby in case of trouble at the jail, which houses killers, armed robbers, terrorists and gangland figures.

Prisoners in Victoria are paid between $6.50 and $8.95 per day.

It is unclear who are the ringleaders of the Barwon industrial action.

Among the high-profile inmates are drug bosses Tony Mokbel, Frank Madafferi and Pasquale Barbaro and Matthew Johnson, the man who murdered underworld kingpin Carl Williams.

Opposition Corrections spokesman Edward O’Donohue said the strike raises questions about who was in control of our corrections system.

The Opposition’s corrections spokesman Edward O’Donohue said it was “unacceptable” that maximum security prisoners would “feel emboldened” to strike.

“The community expects prisoners to be focused on rehabilitation and paying their debt to the community, not to be taking strike action over pay rates in prison.”

“Under Daniel Andrews we’ve seen the worst prison riots in Victoria’s history, prisoners growing drugs in the prison gardens, increased escapes, increased deaths in custody and now prisoners going on strike,”.

“You have to question who is in control and who is running the Victorian corrections system.” said  O’Donohue.

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Sydney: Solidarity actions for the Kalgoorlie uprising

kalgoIMG_45602 Sept – On the 30th of August 2016, following the murder of 14 year old Elijah Doughty by a white vigilante, Indigenous protesters fought back against their treatment by police and the racist ‘justice system’, smashing up the courthouse, 5 police vehicles, and injuring 12 cops.

In the days since then, some anarchists in Sydney undertook some small acts of solidarity. Hundreds of posters celebrating the rebellion was pasted up around train stations in various areas, a number of solidarity banners were tied to highway overpasses and a few dozen anti-colonial slogans were sprayed on Sydney walls.

The ‘justice system’ in this country, the police, courts and prisons are structures of capitalist and colonial domination whose purpose remain the dispossession, and oppression of Indigenous people.

The rebels in Kalgoorlie were right to attack these structures with all the rage and ferocity that they deserve. Such uprisings are a source of inspiration and joy to countess people who face daily harassment by cops on the streets or by screws in the prisons. When the flames of revolt break out we must fan them across this territory, by striking out at every manifestation of state authority, until every structure of colonialism is reduced to ashes.



Kalgoorlie: Indigenous protesters attack court and cops

Elijah Doughty cop car flag

30 August – People smashed windows and jumped on police cars at a West Australian courthouse after a protest over the death of a local teenager turned violent.

A 55-year-old man, was due to appear at a court in Kalgoorlie, east of Perth, charged with the manslaughter of a 14-year-old Aboriginal boy, Elijah Doughty.

The boy’s body was found in nearby bushland on Monday morning.

But violent scenes erupted outside the courthouse with around 200 people smashing building windows with rocks and bottles.

During the violent clash 12 police officers were injured with one needing stitches, police say.

Five cars were smashed when the protest turned violent – but streets have returned to normal after police reinforcements turned up.

‘Several people have been taken into custody in relation to assault police and disorderly offences,’ police said.

According to The West Australian, family and friends of the teenager broke through the gates to the court before throwing rocks through windows.

Elijah Doughty riot cops banners

Others threw bottles at the building and the ABC reported a police officer had been injured during the clash.

A number of people were pictured standing on top of police cars, two of whom were clutching an Aboriginal flag after the boy’s death sparked tensions between local police and the Indigenous community.

Footage from the scene shows dozens of people marching through the streets outside the building, chanting and holding signs.

Elijah Doughty banner 1

Demonstrators were seen carrying Aboriginal flags, as well as banners that read: ‘We Want Justice’ and ‘All Lives Matter, Save Our Kids’.

The crowd could be heard chanting: ‘We want justice’ and ‘When do we want it? Now!’.

Elijah Doughty cop car smashed

Doughty’s aunt said the teenager was the third person in the family to die in recent weeks, and described her nephew as ‘a bit of a prankster’.

‘He was a very happy-go-lucky kid; he was never a bad kid,’ the woman told the Kalgoorlie Miner.

He was not a straight-A student but his circumstances were hard, he struggled at school but he had other issues to prioritise.’

Narrm / Melbourne: Graffiti for the Week of International Solidarity with Anarchist Prisoners



29 Aug – Slogans painted around inner-city Narrm / Melbourne, so-called ‘Australia’ as a minimum contribution to the International Week of Solidarity with Anarchist Prisoners (August 23-30). Victory to the anarchist fighters! Solidarity with all combative anarchist prisoners! Destroy the prison society!

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Narrm / Melbourne: Anarchists disrupt meeting by supporters of India’s fascist ruling party BJP

21 – Aug Protest today at Overseas Friends of BJP – Australia meeting at Camberwell Library, Narrm / Melbourne in the occupied territory known as Australia.

One of their stated purposes for gathering was to celebrate ’69 years of the Indian Army’.

About eight Anarchists reminded them of the ongoing crimes of the Indian Army against tribals, Dalits, Naxalites and those in Bastar, Kashmir and other regions. ‘Kashmir Azaadi’ (Free Kashmir) was among many chants. We followed the fascist nationalists into their meeting and successfully disrupted it shouting ‘BJP is a fascist party’ among other things.

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Narrm / Melbourne: Wilson Security subsidiaries vandalized in solidarity with detained refugees

18 Aug – Wilson Storage and Wilson Parking benefit from the suffering caused by Wilson Security on Manus, Nauru and elsewhere. In the past week we attacked both subsidiaries with glue, concrete, paint and hammers. We will continue to attack Wilson Group until they pull out of detention wholly and permanently. Any company associated with the border industrial complex is a target. We urge our comrades to join us in solidarity with protesters on Nauru and all others incarcerated.

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