Narrm / Melbourne: Attempt to evict homeless family successfully resisted

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02.08.16: For the second time in as many days victoria police have attempted to illegally enter the home of a formally homeless family now residing in one of over a dozen formally empty state government owned houses acquired for the East-West link.

Twice police arrived unannounced at the home, applying physical force to the door, drilling the door lock and threatening to release “dogs and gas” into the family’s home. Neighbors, passers by and supporters surrounded police, forcing them to back down.

Police, security and the managing real estate agent then met in a neighboring house before police left the area. The Andrews government have hired private security to occupy the neighboring apartments and houses in the area to spy on residents. Security have threatened and assaulted residents several times.

The incidents have all been captured on film and document the shocking way the andrews labor government is treating homeless…

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NZ: Captain Cook statues defaced amid calls for Maori chiefs to take his place


Captain Cook statue

32 July –  Statues depicting Captain Cook which are being repeatedly defaced in the New Zealand city of Gisborne have sparked a heated debate about the portrayal of the town’s complex colonial history.

Over a three week period a statue depicting Captain James Cook, gifted to the city in 1969 by a brewery company has been smeared in paint and had a bikini and sandals depicted on.

Two other statues of Captain Cook in the city have also been vandalised with red paint smeared on their face and pockets.

With the 250th anniversary of Cook’s landing in New Zealand only three years away tensions are high in the city, 350km south east of Auckland. Many residents have taken to social media to express their opinions in which Cook is described as a “murderer” and “crooked Cook”. Other posts call for one of the statues to be pulled down, saying it is insulting to local Maori.

Cook and the crew of the Endeavour landed in Gisborne’s Poverty Bay in 1769 and the first significant meetings of Europeans and Maori took place nearby.

Nick Tupara, spokesman for the Ngati Oneone tribe, said, according to historical records, Cook’s crew shot nine Maori men of his tribe, including Tupara’s ancestors. Six of the men are believed to have died.

Even though there is some contention as to whether the first statue is an accurate representation of Cook, Tupara says the English explorer is a undeniable part of Gisborne’s “story”. He has urged the community to embark on a calm and measured discussion of their history, instead of carrying out “wasteful” acts of vandalism.

“We are part of Cook’s lineage, that is a fact, and defacing our city is a poor method of showing dissension with our past.” he said.

Tupara said Cook and the Endeavour’s legacy were evident all over Gisborne, with street names, parks and public places named after the man and his ship. However public references or memorials to historical Maori leaders were lacking, and Tupara said this inequality should be addressed: “It is clear from the recent vandalism and heated social media discussion that historical wounds run deep and there is more healing that needs to happen – and I do think there should be more balance in the portrayal of our history.”

One suggestion which appears to have strong support is to replace the statue of Cook with the Maori leader of Ngati Oneone from the time of Cook’s landing.

Gisborne mayor, Meng Foon, said they had no leads on who was responsible for the vandalism, but the council would be meeting with Ngati Oneone to discuss the growing tension.

“Emotions are running pretty high about Cook at the moment, especially for local Maori who lost ancestors,” said Foon.

“The process of reconciliation between the crown and local Iwi is still a work-in-progress, and I think the recent vandalism has shown how much work there is still to be done.”

Narrm / Melbourne: Offices of Liberal & Labour party MPs trashed in solidarity with refugees in detention

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On the 2nd of July, the day of the federal election in so-called Australia,
we glued locks, graffittied and broke the windows of Liberal and Labour MP
offices across Narrm/so-called Melbourne. We did this in solidarity with
those on Manus Island, Nauru and in detention centres everywhere. End the
border & prison industrial complex. End white supremacy.

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Sydney: Anti-electoral campaign

Over the past two months some anarchists around Sydney mounted a campaign against politics and the democratic process.

This election takes place in a period of historic disillusionment with the political spectacle and the politicians who represent it, and never before have so many parties been on offer, to direct that mistrust back into the electoral process.

We reject this process in its entirety. Elections are a charade to confuse us about where power lies, and how things can be changed. With the following petty acts of anti-political sabotage, we draw a line.

Thousands of anti-electoral posters were pasted up throughout Sydney.

Hundreds of anti-political slogans were painted across the city.

A dozen banners were tied to highway overpasses.

Political advertising of every party was vandalised, or taken down and later burnt.

Party activists caught spreading political propaganda were confronted, harassed and sometimes relieved of their material.

Unlike every political party we do not measure success based on opinion polls or ballots.

We do not seek to promote ourselves as a solution to capitalism, we do not seek to recruit, we do not want power. We offer no promises. We represent no one.

We intend to encourage the spread of class hatred and collective resistance to the bosses, their politicians and the way of life they’ve sold to us.

We desire the total annihilation of capital and the state.

Fighting for ourselves.





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Candidate lodges complaint as sign shenanigans spread

Election sign for Tasmanian Senator Lisa Singh

28 June – Election sign theft and defacement comes with campaign territory but in Tasmania one senator has had enough.

Labor senator Lisa Singh has lodged a complaint about the theft of a sign from a Hobart pre-polling booth.

Candidates expect signs to go missing from houses and roadsides during an election campaign, or to have vandals add their own creative touches, but Senator Singh said it was unusual for a sign to go missing from a polling booth.

“You always get a bit of silliness that goes on during election campaigns, signs get defaced in some way,” she said.

“I think you have to roll with that, but to have one actually stolen on a pre-poll booth is a little bit out of the ordinary to be honest.”

Ross Hart sign defaced

Some have expressed their disapproval of candidates in Saturday’s federal election in more creative ways.

A Tasmanian artist targeted Braddon MP Brett Whiteley, covering his face with a gimp mask on a number of signs in the state’s north-west.

In Bass, a slight adjustment to one of Labor’s Bass candidate Ross Hart results in voters being encouraged to vote for the less appealing “Ross Fart”.

Brett Whitely gimp sign
Several signs belonging to Liberal MP Brett Whiteley have been targeted in Braddon.

Even if candidates wanted to complain about this sort of vandalism, the Australian Electoral Commission said in a statement it was not its problem.

“The short answer is that there is no specific penalty in the Commonwealth Electoral Act 1918 for defacing election signage,” it said.

Displaying candidates’ signs got some public housing tenants into trouble, with complaints resulting in five tenants having to take down signs supporting Labor candidates and independent Jacqui Lambie.

Senator Singh is not saying who she suspects is behind the theft.

“It is a bit peculiar that one was taken from a pre-poll booth, I certainly hope it doesn’t happen again,” she said.

“They are expensive and I guess it’s theft.”

Senator Singh said her office has lodged a complaint about the sign theft, but the commission was yet to receive it.

Andrew Nikolic sign defaced
Several signs is Bass were tampered with