Trans anti-police project

This is a communiqué written by Unicorns Against the Existent, it is in response to a recent police propaganda campaign and ‘out reach’ program targeting transgendered people.

We are anarchists, Trans and (?), who recognise that our oppression is brutally created and maintained by capitalism and the state. The police as the armed enforcers of the state and guardians of capital, have not only contributed to our violent oppression in the past (incarcerating us for being queer) but also repress and pacify our struggle for total liberation in the present. Continue reading “Trans anti-police project”

Melbourne: man arrested for bank vandalism

26 June: A Facebook video has helped police arrest a teen who allegedly vandalised a Northcote bank in February.

Police say two young males were captured on CCTV kicking in the front window of a High St bank in Northcote just after midnight on February 24.

An 18-year-old Reservoir man was arrested last week following an anonymous tip off. Police had posted the video footage on their “Eyewatch” Facebook page.


Australia: secret government briefing warns of riot risk

Leaked briefing notes prepared by the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet for a secretaries’ retreat over summer were published by The Australian.

Senior bureaucrats warned that “it remains possible for Australia to encounter sporadic breakdowns in social cohesion, such as that recently experienced in the US (Occupy Wall Street) and throughout Europe. The 2004 Redfern Riots and 2005 Cronulla Riots show the potential for real or perceived inequality to give rise to important events of protest and violence. The most likely trigger for such events would be in the event of a return of climbing unemployment (such as if growth in China were disturbed), however cost of living concerns or commentary on the issues underpinning the 2011 London riots could increase the possibility of such outbreaks.” Continue reading “Australia: secret government briefing warns of riot risk”

Cairns: man dies in police custody

25 June: A 36-year-old man has died in custody after collapsing at a Cairns watch house.

Police say the man went to the Cairns Police Station on Sunday afternoon.

He was taken into police custody on an outstanding arrest warrant and taken to the Cairns watch house.

Just before midnight, police say he was behaving unusually and suddenly collapsed.

He was taken to Cairns hospital, where he died.

The Queensland Police Service’s ethical standards command is investigating his death.

NZ: Prisoner protest at Paremoremo

Aotearoa Indymedia, June 24: Two prisoners have been conducting a protest at Paremoremo prison [Auckland] for two days. They scaled a disused watchtower in the prison yard and have barricaded themselves in. They have been there now for two nights. The two have communicated with ‘corrections’ staff by writing in toothpaste on the window saying that they are conducting a peaceful protest over prison conditions and wish to speak to prisoner rights campaigner, Peter Williams.

There is a report that one of them has come down on the afternoon of June 24.

Prison conditions

Peter Williams was on the radio briefly on Sunday morning saying that conditions inside Paremoremo were ‘inhumane’. He said that many people were on 23-hour lockdown with nothing to do but stay in bed. Another story related to Indymedia was that there was a recent prisoner riot in Cell Block D at Mt Eden Prison in which people burned their mattresses in protest at the lack of yard time and sunlight; instead they have been given vitamin D pills.  Continue reading “NZ: Prisoner protest at Paremoremo”

Indonesia: Anarchists and Traditional Fisherfolk Resist Land Reclamation

Hidup Biasa (translated from Negasi): [a note from NEGASI: Since 2009, the resistance to coastal reclaimation in Manado Bay has escalated. On the front line of these actions are the traditional fisherfolk from different communities along Manado Bay. After the actions of fisherfolk from Sario Tumpaan and people from Kalasey beach, now the fisherfolk of Malalayang II are also showing their resolve to resist.]

4 May 2012

At around 08.00 am, fisherfolk received news that mounds of earth on a piece of land owned by a doctor called Awalui were being moved towards the shoreline. Fisherfolk that gathered at the site realized that hired thugs and police from the Malalayang station had been stationed there to guard the work.

A call for solidarity went out to other friends involved in similar struggles at around 11 am. Several anarchists also got involved.

At the site, they saw that giant boulders had been placed right at the shoreline. The Malalayang fisherfolk, together with those who had come in solidarity, then went to stop the earth-moving work. Feeling outnumbered, the men hired by the owner chose to keep their distance from the fisherfolk and instead it was the police who confronted the masses. The police offered to negotiate, but this failed because the fisherfolk had one sole demand: that the work should stop. Continue reading “Indonesia: Anarchists and Traditional Fisherfolk Resist Land Reclamation”

Anarchists Deliver Fair Pizza

15 June, New Matilda: Domino’s Pizza has just discovered it can cut the wages of its delivery drivers thanks to a wage agreement loophole – and it’s the Anarchists who are taking the case to arbitration, reports Conal Thwaite

Industrial disputes are always good for a yarn and the one happening at Domino’s Pizza shops across Australia right now is more deliciously intriguing than usual.

At 7pm this Saturday night a one-hour weekly roving picket will descend on Domino’s, this time on Grattan Street in Carlton, Melbourne. Nothing will be blocked going in or out. Rather, leaflets and a limited amount of free homemade pizza will be delivered to customers who shun the Domino’s brand.

Why? According to the union organising the protests causal delivery drivers at Dominos face a wage-cut of almost a fifth of their income. Continue reading “Anarchists Deliver Fair Pizza”

Alice Springs: cops attacked by group

14 June: A violent mob in Alice Springs has attacked police officers, threatening them with a box cutter, smashing police car windows and freeing people from a police wagon.

Northern Territory Police went to the Hidden Valley Town Camp about 8.30pm (CST) on Wednesday to respond to a report of a fire.

They took a 44-year-old man and a 30-year-old woman, who were allegedly both very drunk, into protective custody. While looking for a person in connection to the fire police also tried to take two other drunk men, aged 54 and 25, into protective custody.

A scuffle broke out when this occurred and other people nearby began to shout at police and allegedly armed themselves with rocks, forcing officers to release the 44-year-old from their control.

That man then opened a caged police vehicle, and released the people who were in it.

“These persons joined in the melee and allegedly began attacking the police vehicles with logs and rocks, smashing windows and light bars,” Detective Senior Sergeant Travis Wurst said. Continue reading “Alice Springs: cops attacked by group”

Melbourne: Primary school students stage sit-down protest over school policy

14 June: Year six students at a Melbourne school have staged a protest over a decision to extend a ban on contact sport to all physical contact including high-fives and hugs.

The new rule was broadcast over the school’s PA system with the children left to notify their parents, the Herald Sun reports.

Students from Mount Martha Primary yesterday sat on the school’s oval to highlight their anger at the move.

After the demonstration the pupils reportedly gathered in the school’s gym where they were told off by teachers.