Sydney: Roxy Jacenko’s office vandalised with paint-bombs

14 July 2017 – PR queen Roxy Jacenko’s lavish Sydney offices have been targeted for the third time in two weeks, this time the Paddington building pelted with ink-injected eggs.

The 37-year-old called police on Friday morning after finding the exterior walls of her Sweaty Betty PR office in Paddington vandalised, with red and blue paint splattered across.

Speaking to journalists, she said: “I think this is a person who has an agenda and that’s to stop me working.

She added: “That’s a calculated person who goes to the trouble of putting Bastille Day colours into eggs and throwing them on a wall”.

This comes after Roxy’s offices were attacked back in April, with a brown sludge found in the mailbox at the time.

Narrm / Melbourne: ‘Fuck Without Fear Queer-Anarcho Collective’ Protest Action Against Police State Terror

Fuck Without Fear Queer-Anarcho Collective Protest/ Action Against VicPig State Terror, Naarm / Melbourne, so-called AustraliaOn 11 July, 2017, the Fuck Without Fear Queer-Anarcho Collective, held a hastily convened protest/ action at 5pm, during peak commuter hour, on the corner of Flinders Lane and Swanston Street; directly outside a central Melbourne/ Naarm aptly-named “beat” Police Station.

We held banners saying: “Flaccid Pigs Shoot First”; “Shoot Police Violence Dead”; and “How do we resist Police Terrror? Revenge 1 for 1!”. We also carried placards, “Fuck Without Fear”, and chanted “Straight or Queer, Fuck Without Fear”; “How do we stop this? Copus Interruptus!”; and “Fuck the Police, A.C.A.B.”.

We also taunted VicPig cops who demanded to know “who was in charge”, and on behalf of the public, expressed our full contempt at the well-fed, armed state thugs attempting to intimidate us. We also had the spontaneous opportunity to assault an undercover state spy in civilian garb.

The Fuck Without Fear Queer-Anarcho Collective held this rally as we categorically condemn the recent police shootings of an unarmed couple, mid-sex, at the “Saints and Sinners” costume party at Inflation Nightclub.

This is yet another example of Police Terrorism- for which VicPol pigs are not held accountable, and are in fact protected by the full force and power of the State.

We strongly suspect the so-called Independent Broad-based Anti-corruption Commission tasked with investigating VicPol pig terror will shamefully exonerate the pigs involved- as usual.

Cops hate non-heternomative sexual expression, sex workers, queers, drug users, and others not conforming to so-called acceptable standards of “virtuous behaviour”.

Despite our presumption that the victims involved were not the usual targets of VicPig cop terrorism (ie. First Nations People; dispossessed and socially marginalised people; youth; migrants etc etc)- we recognise this incident as a manifestation of VicPig bigotry which affirms the dominant values and morality of an inherently sick society.

In Love and Rage, until we can all fuck freely without fear!

Fuck Without Fear Queer-Anarcho Collective



Melbourne: Activists Blockade Office of Israeli Arms Manufacturer as Part of International Week of Action

  – Activists blockade office of Israeli arms manufacturer as part of international week of action

Activists have blockaded the entrance to the office of arms manufacturer Elbit Systems at 60 Bertie St, Port Melbourne.

Elbit Systems is an Israeli weapons and surveillance equipment manufacturer  that advertises  its products as “battlefield tested”, due to  its use on the Palestinian people of Gaza.  It makes parts for drones, or unmanned air vehicles, used by the Israeli Defense Force (IDF).  Elbit has an Australian subsidiary that manufactures equipment for the Australian Defense Force. According to Elbit’s website, “Elbit Systems is the largest defence company in Israel and one of the top 30 companies worldwide in terms of defence revenues.”

Arms companies around the world are profiting from Israel’s occupation of Palestine. Today’s action is part of a week of protests around the world from 1st to 7th July 2017, on the third anniversary of Israel’s 2014 attacks on the Gaza Strip. This year marks 50 years since the military occupation of the West Bank and Gaza.

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