Melbourne: Graffiti action in Melbourne for Mumia Abu Jamal

17 May – Graffiti action in Melbourne’s CBD in solidarity with the revolutionary US political prisoner Mumia Abu Jamal.

Mumia is currently hospitalized due to an extremely serious medical condition and he is being denied proper medical care – his life is in great danger.

The fascist North American state was unable to execute Mumia via ‘legal’ methods for the trumped up charges he has been imprisoned on since 1981 so now they are trying to execute him again but this time via medical neglect and malpractice.

We took to the streets of Melbourne’s CBD with spray-paint on May 17 to express our anger and outrage at the malicious and vindictive actions of the tyrannical North American state and it’s repressive ‘correctional’ system and sprayed ‘Free Mumia’ tags at various locations throughout the city as a visual reminder to passers-by that even in far away places such as these stolen territories administered by the colonial entity referred to as Australia, Mumia’s situation has been and continues to be well known – especially now given the perilous situation Mumia is currently enduring.

We add our voices to the international chorus of solidaritarians who are demanding the following:

(1) Adequate diagnostic testing of Mumia’s health be done (2) That Mumia’s doctor be able to communicate freely and regularly with the prison infirmary physicians who are delivering Mumia’s medical care (3) His doctor be allowed meaningful and regular phone access with Mumia. (There are no phones in the hospital, in the infirmary, his calls are limited to 15 mins and and he has limited access to the day room where the phones are). (4) Allow Mumia’s chosen doctor to conduct an onsite medical examination, and (5) as many have said, it is past time for Mumia to be released from prison!

This action took place within the context of our ongoing Winter offensive of graffiti and propaganda actions in solidarity with anarchist and other revolutionary prisoners worldwide.

Subversive Tagging & Propaganda Cell


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