Poster: on the police murder of Roberto Laudisio Curti

Poster produced and distributed by some Sydney anarchists.

“Police. Thugs. Murderers.

Roberto ‘Betinho’ Luadisio Curti, a  21 year old student from Brazil, died after being capsicum sprayed and tasered by Sydney police. He may or may not have stolen a packet of biscuits.

Under capitalist logic, stealing a packet of biscuits makes you a criminal. As the economic crisis intensifies, more and more of us will become criminals.

Under police logic, being a criminal means you deserve violence. Merely disobeying police means you could be subject to violence. Challenging their authority is grounds for the use of weapons that could kill you.

Their authority is valued more than our lives.

There have been five people killed by tasers in Australia and five hundred in the US in the last decade. Police claim they ‘need’ tasers so they don’t have to shoot people: but they still shoot people. Giving cops tasers as well as guns just allows them to expand their violence to more people.

And police don’t need tasers to kill. Terrance Briscoe, a 28 year old Anmatyerre Aboriginal man, was beaten to death by five police in Alice Springs police station early in January.

When the police kill someone it might make the news – though nothing changes. But these murders are just the most brutal examples of the everyday violence of police.

Deaths at police hands cannot go unnoticed.

The police cannot go unchallenged.

We need to organise together against the violence of police and the economic system they enforce.

– anarchists and anti-authoritarians

Terrance Briscoe

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