Sydney: anarchist campaign against the NSW council elections

Indymedia: In the weeks preceding the NSW council elections, some anarchists and anti authoritarians in Sydney mounted a campaign against the coerced ritual of voting.

A couple thousand posters and stickers were pasted on walls, bins, electricity boxes, telephone booths, and bus shelters mostly throughout the electorates of Ashfield, Leichardt, Marrickville, Rockdale, Hurstville and Sydney city.
Low lying politician signs from every party were torn down, numerous high ones were hit with paint bombs and at least 20 anti voting slogans were sprayed across walls, mostly throughout the inner west.

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Poster: on the police murder of Roberto Laudisio Curti

Poster produced and distributed by some Sydney anarchists.

“Police. Thugs. Murderers.

Roberto ‘Betinho’ Luadisio Curti, a  21 year old student from Brazil, died after being capsicum sprayed and tasered by Sydney police. He may or may not have stolen a packet of biscuits. Continue reading “Poster: on the police murder of Roberto Laudisio Curti”

Roundup of the Anti-election Campaign waged by some Brisbane Anarchists

In the lead up to the Queensland State Election on March 24, a group of Brisbane Anarchists launched an anti-election campaign.

In the week prior to the election, anarchists began pasting up a couple of thousand anti politician and anti voting posters all throughout the city.

Political party placards erected throughout Brisbane were torn down or defaced with anarchist and anti politician messages. Continue reading “Roundup of the Anti-election Campaign waged by some Brisbane Anarchists”