Sydney: police shoot two Aboriginal teenagers

April 22: Two young men from Redfern, aged 18 and 14, are in a serious condition in hospital after being shot by police early Saturday morning. They were said to have been in a stolen car which mounted the footpath in Kings Cross, hitting a pedestrian.

A video on a news website shows police dragging 18 year old Troy Taylor, who had been shot in the neck, from the car and punching him as they arrested him.

Stills from video on Daily Telegraph website

Police are said to be calling for calm, in fear of unrest in Redfern similar to the riots in 2004, when 17 year old TJ Hickey died after being chased by police.

Four others in the back of the car, a man aged 24 and three youths aged 13, 14 and 16 were charged late Saturday with being carried in a conveyance, or joy riding. The group were allegedly fleeing from two police officers who had recognised them.

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