Melbourne: anti-police vandalism spree

12 April: A police van has been set alight and another vehicle has had its window smashed during an anti-police vandalism spree in Melbourne’s north.

Fire crews were called to Edward Street, Reservoir, about 9pm on Friday to extinguish a small fire in the divisional van, which was parked near Reservoir police station.

Police believe someone broke the van’s passenger-side window and set fire to the passenger seat.

A police sedan parked at the rear of the station also had its window broken.

Darebin Crime Investigation Unit has released an image of a man they believe can help with their inquiries.

Sydney: Riot squad called to courtroom brawl involving family charged with assaulting police

15 April: The riot squad has been called to a Sydney courtroom to deal with a brawl between police and members of a family facing charges for assaulting police.

Five members of the Mehanna family were facing Downing Centre Local Court in central Sydney over charges of affray and assaulting police on New Year’s Day in 2013 at their Bankstown home.

Witnesses said that shortly after the lunch adjournment one of the Mehanna brothers struck a police officer, starting a courtroom brawl that involved more than 30 officers.

But Ali Mehanna claims it was police who started the altercation. Continue reading

From Sydney to Boggabri: Smash ANZ & Whitehaven Coal

Burn Banks! Defend Leard State Forest! Up With Trees Down With CapitalismIndymedia:

Through February and March 2014 dozens of ANZ billboards across Sydney were vandalised and numerous ANZ bank facades were painted with slogans denouncing Whitehaven coal and the destruction of Leard state forest while their ATM card slots were glued shut. During the Mardi Gras festivities numerous ANZ “GAYTM’s” were vandalised with paint and in the days following the parade two of the pinkwashed machines on Oxford St were smashed with a metal bar.

ANZ is the primary investor in the Whitehaven coal project, which is currently devastating the once pristine forests in Mauls Creek. Whitehaven is in deep financial straits and is only being propped up on ANZ loans. By specifically and intensively targeting ANZ for their support for this project across the country we can force them to review the profitability of their investment. Continue reading

Victoria: suspected anti-logging sabotage

18 March: Police are investigating a suspected sabotage on logging machinery in Toolangi last week, with the owner saying a serious accident could have been moments away.

On Thursday 13 March, Robin McKinnell and his team started up their machinery in a logging coupe in Toolangi, shortly before one of the machines – a skidder – broke down. After checking all of the machines, the group realised the fuel tank had been opened and filled with water, while attempts had been made to open the fuel tanks of other machines.

The damage from the breakdown, which resulted in four hours of lost work, is estimated to be about $4000. The incident was reported to Kinglake Police and Leading Senior Constable Paul Roberts said this was the latest in a monthly series of incidents, which included oil contamination in another logging coupe. Continue reading

Sydney: more antifascist action

On Friday the 28th of February a tiny sect of Australian nazis and some expat Greek ultranationalists gathered outside the Greek consulate in solidarity with the fascist scum of the Golden Dawn. The event was not promoted online, and antifascists were only alerted to the event a couple days prior by the appearance of posters in Earlwood. The nazi posters were torn down, followed by antifascist graffiti painted around Earlwood, Turrella, Sydenham and St Peters. The Australia First party HQ was also vandalised for the second time in just over a week and anti-racist posters were pasted around Newtown and Enmore.

When the Nazis gathered infront of the consulate, a dozen antifascists insulted and heckled the Nazis with slogans in English and Greek, and were pushed back across the road by NSW and Federal police. A couple banners were held and hundreds of leaflets were distributed in the area denouncing racism and the fascist sects in Greece and Australia. Fascism and the organisations that promote it must be opposed and attacked wherever it appears.

Antifascists Sydney

Fascists Fuck off

Melbourne: G4SMelbourne headquarters attacked

Anarchist news: In the early hours of the morning of Friday the 28th of February 2014, the corporate headquarters of G4S – 441 St.Kilda Road Melbourne, were attacked by people outraged by the recent events on Manus Island. G4S was the contractor responsible for ‘security’ on Manus Island. G4S’ huge global profits are made through their worldwide work in security, prisons, surveillance and ‘logistics’.
Their oppressive operations need to be destroyed.

Paint flew sky high and glass shattered to the ground surrounding the words left blazing in paint on the building: ‘G4S – murderers’.

Solidarity to all those in detention struggling for freedom.
We encourage everyone to take action : fight back! riot! destroy!
No borders, no detention centres, no prisons!

From Sydney to Nantes, resistance & sabotage

Indymedia: On the evening of the 22nd of Feburary we vandalised the local headquarters of VINCI and their subsidiary company ‘Advitam’ in the Seven Hills industrial zone in western Sydney.
Some windows were cracked, and the slogans: “AGAINST VINCI AND ITS WORLD” &
“THE ZAD IS EVERYWHERE” were painted.

This small act was made in response to a call for actions in solidarity with the monumental struggle in Notre-Dame-des-Landes, France, against an airport which Vinci has been contracted to build. Continue reading