Doomadgee: Crowd smashes police station after man arrested

Police say just before midnight on Saturday March 2, local officers in Doomadgee, a remote community in north-west Queensland, attended a large disturbance where police allege a man smashed a torch into a female officer’s face, breaking her nose.

The man was arrested and taken to the police watch house.

Police say later that night a large crowd fronted at the local police station and smashed its front doors.

Police reinforcements were sent to the town over the weekend.

On March 7 a few hundred residents staged a peaceful protest.

Community spokesman Alec Doomadgee said the extra police, have heightened the community’s sense of fear. “There’s no respect for leadership in the community from the coppers, the police, at all – they’ve been in mediation the last day or so and still nothing has been resolved,” he said. Continue reading “Doomadgee: Crowd smashes police station after man arrested”

Australia: three stories about tasers

The NSW Coroner ruled that police were “reckless and excessive” and that five police should face disciplinary action in relation to the death of Brazilian student Roberto Laudisio Curti, who died after police fired Tasers at him 14 times. The coroner said that police “threw themselves” into the confrontation “like schoolboys in Lord of the Flies” and recommended their actions be referred to the Police Integrity Commission. Curti’s family has welcomed that finding, but is pushing for criminal charges to be laid against the officers concerned.

Meanwhile the Queensland coroner has found no grounds for disciplinary action against north Queensland police officers who tasered a man 28 times. Antonio Galeano died at a home in Brandon, south-east of Townsville, in 2009 after being tasered by police. The coroner stated that he died from excited delirium, probably caused by drug use, although the Taser application also contributed to the 39-year-old’s death.

Footage has been shown on tv showing police on the NSW north coast using capsicum spray and their tasers on a 14-year-old boy who was hiding under a caravan. Kevin Henshaw, from Kempsey Aboriginal Legal Service, described the boy’s treatment as ” akin to torture. “

Gympie: Employment agency vandalised twice in one month

11 October: A number of glass windows on demountable buildings were found smashed yesterday morning at Skill Centred training depot in Gympie, Qld.

It’s the second time in a month that Skill Centred has been vandalised.

About three weeks ago a Mazda work ute was completely destroyed. Vandals wrecked the vehicle beyond repair to the extent of putting a substance in the fuel tank. They also took to the depot with a crowbar and started a fire.

Because nothing was stolen, it appeared to be a mindless act of vandalism.


QLD: Vandals go on Gatton rampage, teen charged

August 25: VANDALS smashed more than 60 windows at Lockyer District High School in Gatton, SE Queensland.

Police said a fire extinguisher was discharged in the school’s assembly hall and graffiti sprayed on a number of buildings in town, including a North St shopping complex, the Autopro store in Railway St and Lockyer Valley Regional Council chamber building. Continue reading “QLD: Vandals go on Gatton rampage, teen charged”