Sydney: anti-choice stall vandalised at university

LifeChoice Sydney is an anti-abortion student club affiliated with the University of Sydney Student Union (USU). The club’s Oweek stall was vandalised overnight on February 27, with some persons or groups having torn down the booth set up by the group to recruit students.

Stickers and graffiti were scrawled across the stall, with statements such as “political free speech is bullshit if it extends to arseholes”, as well as other obscene and abusive words. Yellow “pro-choice” stickers were plastered all over the  stall signage as well.

The trashing of the stall comes a day after a student had already vandalised the club’s banner by sticking a sticker on it. According to LifeChoices, due to the adhesive on the stickers, the club’s banner was ruined and will now have to be replaced.