Philipines: Militant Farmers, Peasants Fight to Bury Feudalism With ‘Occupy’ Movement

26 April 2017 – Taking aim at the most powerful oligarchs in the Philippines, rural poor militants are striking at colonial-style feudalism through #OccupyLuisita.

In a bid to reassert their right to rural lands, farm workers and peasants in the Philippines have directly seized and occupied property claimed by one of the archipelago’s largest banks and main oligarch families, the Aquino clan. The move is an escalation of a long campaign to dismantle the unjust system of feudalism and landlord rule inherited from the period of Spanish colonialism.

Gathered in the hundreds and carrying signs with slogans such as, “Land to the Tillers, Not to Their Killers,” members and supporters of the Kilusang Magbubukid ng Pilipinas — a militant mass movement of small farmers, landless peasants, farm workers, rural youth and women — converged on a walled-off section of Hacienda Luisita, a massive sugar plantation in the Tarlac province controlled by the Cojuangco-Aquino political dynasty..As hundreds of police and private security guards looked on, 700 farmers took turns destroying a concrete wall enclosing large tracts of land that were illegally sold to the Rizal Commercial Banking Corporation. Eventually, a farm tractor was brought in to pull sections of the wall down. While the farmers dispersed that afternoon, they swore to return and undertake the collective cultivation of the land.

For the farmers, the walled-off enclosure represents the broken promise of land reform that the Philippine rural poor have been fighting for decades to win in the face of illegal and semi-legal methods of dispossession and open robbery by ruling elite families.

“The farmers’ united and militant assertion of their rights and interests is an effective strategy to confront repulsively unequal class relations,” the group said. | Photo: Amihan Mabalay

“Kadamay expresses its full support for the #OccupyLuisita movement as it echoes our own call for the government to own up to its sins and finally begin to give to people what is due them,” Kadamay chair Gloria Arellano said, noting that the land remains abandoned “simply because the landlords and the government hold on to their spoils rather than fulfill their duties to the people. Just like the idle housing units, the ruling class would rather see homes and land go unused rather than be owned or made productive by the broad masses of the Filipino people.”

The mass action, given the hashtag #OccupyLuisita by the peasant movement, recalled the recent successful takeover and redistribution of government housing undertaken by allied urban group Kadamay in Bulacan province, called #OccupyBulacan.

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Philipines: Homeless Families Occupy 6,000 Vacant Public Housing Units

Thousands of homeless families have occupied over 6,000 abandoned and empty housing units in six public housing sites in Bulacan province north of Metro Manila since March 8, 2017, International Working Women’s Day.

Led by the Kalipunan ng Damayang Mahihirap (Kadamay), an urban poor organization, and supported by various activist groups, those who taking part in the occupation have put up barricades and held their ground for almost a month already in the face of harassment and threats of eviction by housing authorities and police forces.

Early into the occupation, President Rodrigo Duterte accused the movement of sowing “anarchy” and vowed to use force to evict them from the mass housing units. “If you want to ignore the law, you cannot do that. I will force the issue with eviction,” he said.

Insisting that the occupied households have been vacant and left to rot for years while thousands remain homeless, Kadamay did not back down from their assertion of the right of the poor to avail of free public housing.

After a dialogue by housing officials with Kadamay, the Duterte government backed off from the planned forced eviction of the families, which was scheduled to begin last March 27. Kadamay called this an important victory of the collective struggle of the poor.

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Naga City, Philippines: Food Not Bombs & Film Screening in solidarity with victims of war, 26.09.15

Naga City, Philippines: Fuck War! Food Not Bombs and Film Screening in solidarity with all victims of war, from the Lumads, to West Papua, to Syria and the whole World! Used clothing and food donations will be accepted at the event. Saturday September 26, 4PM at Plaza Rizal, Naga City, Philippines.

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Philippines: New Tee Designs – Solidarity for a seek infoshop volunteer


10 August – Bas Umali in the anarchist scene, has been consistently active since the mid 1990s. He is involved in diverse activities, actions and projects in local, regional and international networks.


His latest involvement was to be a speaking engagement in Hiroshima, Fukushima and Tokyo in relation to annual atomic bombing commemoration activities co-organized by anarchists in Japan (August 6th to 11th).

He was all set: plane ticket procured two months earlier (thanks to his Japanese comrades) and visa approved a month ahead of schedule. Unfortunately, he felt discomfort from his right scrotum a week before his flight to Tokyo. Discomfort escalated into pain in his lower right abdomen. From Cebu he traveled to Manila and consulted two medical doctors to find he has an Inguinal hernia. Both doctors advised him to take plenty of rest and to have immediate surgery. He consistently explores and supports alternative medicine but this particular case where part of his small intestines is trapped into his scrotal cavity can only be removed manually and needs to be tied to the nearest bone to avoid recurrence.

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