Darwin: police attacked breaking up NYE party

January 1: Police were attacked with rocks and bottles when they went to break up a riotous party on the outskirts of Darwin.

More than 30 officers spent several hours dispersing drunks. Senior Sergeant Bob Harrison said the confrontation tied up “valuable police resources”.

About 60 of the 300 people at the party in Humpty Doo spilled out onto the road and began shooting fireworks at passing cars and into neighbouring properties.

The mob turned on police when they arrived. Snr Sgt Harrison said there was also brawls and glass-smashing. Continue reading “Darwin: police attacked breaking up NYE party”

Mutitjulu: Police attacked

27 December: Northern Territory Police were attacked with rocks and iron bars during a riot at a remote Aboriginal community in central Australia on Boxing Day.

Six people have been arrested and police say they expect more will be charged after fighting broke out at Mutitjulu, near Uluru, about 360 kilometres south-west of Alice Springs.

Southern Watch Commander Siri Tennosaar says a group of more than 40 people threw rocks, bottles and iron bars at local police when they were called to deal with the incident. The windscreen of a police vehicle was smashed with a rock and further damaged when it was struck with an iron bar.

She says police were forced to withdraw at first and call for help. Continue reading “Mutitjulu: Police attacked”

Katherine: Aboriginal man dies after release from custody

Indigenous Peoples’ Issues: Another death of an Aboriginal man potentially involving police in the Northern Territory has sparked calls for an inquiry and urgent action to stop police harassment and brutality.

Mr E Lewis, a Warlpiri man living in Katherine, passed away shortly after being released from police custody on September 23.

Mr Lewis was a diabetic amputee, who was held in custody for more than 24 hours. He died in his sleep shortly after being released.

Family of Mr Lewis say there are many witnesses alleging he was treated roughly during his arrest, which occurred during a large card game in Katherine.

They also say that before his death, Mr Lewis had complained about being dragged and kicked in custody, along with being denied food, water and medication. Continue reading “Katherine: Aboriginal man dies after release from custody”

Belyuen: Cop kicked in riot

July 14: A cop was allegedly kicked in the back and a police car window smashed when grog crackdown in a Top End ‘dry’ community turned ugly.

About 30 people reportedly began screaming and throwing rocks at two Aboriginal Community Police Officers in a riot at Belyuen community, on the Cox Peninsula, 115 km from Darwin last night.

The officers had tipped out a carton of VB.

A 48-year-old man was arrested on outstanding warrants before the riot broke out about 8pm.

Watch Commander Bob Harrison said: “Another man who was drinking outside a house resisted arrest.

“The other people ran to help him and started abusing police. He managed to escape.

 “Capsicum spray was deployed to keep (the people) away.”

Cmdr Harrison said police would go back out today.

“Hopefully some arrests will be made over the assault,” he said.