Manado, Indonesia: Electrical substation burnt

(translation from 325, original from Membakar Senja)

It’s always a reason to say that the lack of numbers is the main reason. But for us the only obstacle is fear. Theories, reasons and situations are the walls of the labyrinth which always became a reason for obstruction and restriction. As well as the accusations that the kidnapping of two members, of our comrades Billy and Eat, is a barrier to the ongoing actions for destruction.

On August 23, at a power plant in Kotamobagu, North Sulawesi, we put an incendiary device that failed to ignite. We were disappointed with ourselves and the ability of each individual who was involved in the attack. But on the other hand, we learned that no one should regret. Tonight August 31, we re-commit to do the same “crimes”. Leaving the device in order to burn an electrical substation in Tuminting, Manado.

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Manado, Indonesia: Libertania free association of anarchists appeal for help in setting up a social centre

via 325:Call For Support !

We the LIBERTANIANS, are members of a group who are established from many anarchist cells in Manado, Indonesia, and we’re trying to build a social center, a so-called infoshop here in our –fucking– town. We need to have a public space where we can share our thoughts, discuss many topics, make some DIY gigs, movie and film screenings, host a free and open library, free school for kids, translate anarchist literature and text to the Indonesian language and other activities that will empower each of our members and other struggles surrounding us where we joined. For more details, hereby we are attaching our proposal which describe the reasons and some background of our group.

never bow ! never step back !

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Indonesia: Bangka Islanders Seize Mining Company’s Ship

Hidup Biasa, translated from Negasi: PT Mikro Metal Perdana’s iron ore mining activities continue to be met with resistance from the Bangka islanders of Likupang District, North Minahasa Regency, North Sulawesi. Their latest act of resistance was to sequester a ship belonging to the company, which has loaded with machines which would be used for mining. The action commenced on August 4th and was still continuing when this article was written on August 12th. The people are resolute that they will not end their action until mining activities are decisively halted.

Mining on Bangka island has met with strong popular resistance, even though the North Minahasa government has given it the go ahead, with the Bupati (regency leader) issuing a permit. PT Mikro Metal Perdana’s exploration permit has even recently been extended for one more year. The Bupati has accused the people who took over the ship of acting illegally because that boat had a permit to be there. He has even claimed that the action is the result of provocation by groups who are against progress for North Minahasa.
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