WA, Vic: escapes from immigration detention

29 December: Two Vietnamese detainees escaped from the Yongah Hills Immigration Detention Centre in Northam, 90 kilometres east of Perth, on Friday night.

One person was recaptured within 24 hours, but the other man remains on the run.

Four months ago, five men escaped from the same facility, sparking a search that lasted several days.

In November, two Vietnamese men escaped from the Maribyrnong Immigration Detention Centre in Melbourne’s west


Melbourne: protesters blockade detention centre to prevent deportation

October 31: More than 40 protesters blocked the main entrance to Maribyrnong detention centre after a 42year-old Tamil man lost his application for an injunction in the Federal Court. He was due to be deported to Sri Lanka, where his life was at risk.

The group prevented any police vehicles from entering the detention centre and thoroughly checked all other vehicles before allowing anyone to pass the blockade. They clashed as with police as police tried to move vehicles in and out of the facility.

The man won a court hearing on the day he was due to be deported allowing him to stay in Australia until another court hearing in January.