Indonesia: child shot dead by police in demonstration over land dispute

(Edit: Letter of solidarity with farmers in Ogan Ilir on Indonesian anarchist website Membakar Senja)

(Indonesian-language report at Kokemi)

 July 29: On Friday afternoon, a child was shot dead and at least two other residents were critically injured during a clash between police and residents of the village of Limbang Jaya in South Sumatra.

The incident took place close to the grounds of the Cinta Manis [“Sweet love”] sugar factory, and was said to have occurred as part of an ongoing land dispute in the area.

A demonstration over a land dispute at the Cinta Manis sugar plantation in South Sumatra earlier this month.

National Police spokesman Sr. Comr. Boy Rafli Amar said that the violence was provoked by residents hurling rocks at a police vehicle following up on a case regarding stolen goods that belonged to [Cinta Manis].”

The Mobile Brigade (Brimob) vehicle was passing through Limbang Jaya when residents began to hurl rocks at it. Police say they fired a warning shot and tear gas, then fired into the crowd when residents became more violent.

An elementary school student, Angga Fadli bin Mawan, 13, was shot in the head, and died immediately, according to the Commission for the Disappeared and Victims of Violence (Kontras). Continue reading “Indonesia: child shot dead by police in demonstration over land dispute”