Nauru: escape, hunger strike

20 February: On Monday, three people escaped from the detention centre on Nauru. They were were later found by police and returned to detention.

Refugee advocates say four detainees at the Nauru detention centre have resorted to stitching their lips together in protest. The Refugee Action Coalition says more than a dozen detainees have joined a hunger strike, with four asylum seekers stitching their lips together.

The escapees and those on hunger strike are from among the most recent group of arrivals on Nauru, from Iran.

Refugee Action Coalition spokesperson, Nick Reimer, says people are feeling increasingly desperate about their plight. Continue reading “Nauru: escape, hunger strike”

Nauru: after 50 days on hunger strike, Omid flown to Australia

Omid, the 35 year-old Faili Kurd hunger striker on Nauru has been put aboard a Careflight plane to be flown from Nauru to Australia.

Omid, was taken by ambulance from the Nauru hospital to meet the Careflight plane which landed and refuelled. He was put on board around 5pm Sydney time.

Omid’s condition is not known. At least another 18 people remain on hunger strike on Nauru, one of them for 30 days.

“We do not know what Omid has been told. From the beginning of his hunger strike he has stated that he wanted Nauru closed and for himself and all the asylum seekers on Nauru to be taken to Australia and processed in Australia,” said Ian Rintoul, spokesperson for the Refugee Action Coalition. Continue reading “Nauru: after 50 days on hunger strike, Omid flown to Australia”

Nauru: asylum seekers charged with riot, more join hunger strike

Refugee Action Coalition: Yesterday, Thursday 15 November, 14 asylum seekers in the Nauruan detention centre were issued summonses for wilful damage, riotous damage to a building and riot. More have also joined the hunger strike.

Those charged are to appear in the Nauru Court on 19 November. (A transcription of the charge sheet is below).

Meanwhile more people have joined the hunger strike. Omid has entered the 36th day of his hunger strike and another five Iranians are in their 16 th day of hunger strike. Yesterday, around 23 recent arrivals also re-started their hunger strike. [Most of those on the mass hunger strike stopped their protest on November 13, after an announcement that an Amnesty International delegation would visit Nauru on November 19] Continue reading “Nauru: asylum seekers charged with riot, more join hunger strike”

Nauru: 12th day of hunger strike

The government and people of Australia.
Today on 12/11/2012 is our 12th day of hunger strike.
25 more asylum seekers have been brought to the Nauru Hell from Darwin by force and fraud when they saw the worst condition of the detention centre they have also joined the hunger strike.
One another asylum seeker is suffering from the severe pain of tooth, from one week, instead of giving him treatment by the doctor; they called Nauru police, now he is out of order means, he naked himself in the whole camp.

We have seen four asylum seekers they have made imaginary graves for themselves because of losing their mental health.
Purpose of hunger strike is not to give us facilities here in Nauru Hell, we want to be shifted from this Hell Hole to Australia and our cases should be started immediately. Continue reading “Nauru: 12th day of hunger strike”

Nauru hunger strike enters fifth day – police charge two Iranians

November 5, Refugee Action Coalition: The hunger strike by asylum seekers on Nauru is now in its fifth day, still with around 300 asylum seekers refusing food. The asylum seekers report that they have the signatures of 300 people who are taking part in the hunger strike but they have been prevented from scanning the document to send to the media.

Today, at least five people have been taken to the medical centre, taking the total people treated over the course of the hunger to 60.

In an unexpected move, this (Monday) morning Australian Federal Police and Nauruan police attended the detention centre. The AFP asked asylum seekers if they would meet with the Nauruan police but the asylum seekers refused. Continue reading “Nauru hunger strike enters fifth day – police charge two Iranians”

Christmas Island: asylum seekers on hunger strike

August 25: Asylum seekers, potentially numbering in the hundreds, have gone on a hunger strike on Christmas Island to protest against being sent to Nauru for their claims to be assessed.

Afghan asylum seeker Imayat Ali told Fairfax by phone late on Friday that 238 people, including about 40 women and children – from Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran and Sri Lanka – had been told they would be sent to Nauru, “and if we refuse … we would be deported to our home countries. So we’ve been doing hunger strike,” Mr Ali, 55, said. Continue reading “Christmas Island: asylum seekers on hunger strike”