Sydney: Eviction of the Hat Factory


Squat!net, 10 August

31 July 2014- Australia: A known squat in the territory known as Sydney has been evicted

Some courageous occupiers and supporters made the decision to barricade and defend as much as they could a space full of history, dreams and resistance.

The autonomous, liberated social centre known as the Hat Factory has for over at least 12 years hosted hundreds of events and people in its quarters – encouraging creativity, mutual aid, rebelliousness and respect.

At the time of its eviction, the Hat Factory was known for is great fundraisers, library, its free shop, where people could come and find free clothes and a whole array of tools and facilities to take care of spaces and each other.

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Philippines: Manila squatters clash with police

25 September: More than a dozen people have been injured in Manila as riot police moved-in to clear a squatter settlement in an old Philippines Government compound.

Families had refused to move as they had been offered relocation to an area more than 70 kilometres from Manila where there was little chance of finding employment.

Volleys of rocks, bottles and Molotov cocktails just delayed the inevitable, earning retaliation from water cannon and tear gas.

Several people were arrested and people on both side of the battle lines suffered injuries.

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NZ: Anti-eviction protesters clash with Police in Auckland

Beyond Resistance:

18 April: From Stuff: More than 100 protesters were gathered outside a police station in that Auckland suburb of Glen Innes tonight to demonstrate against what they say was excessive force used against them by police.

Contractors started work on April 2 to remove 40 state houses from Silverton Ave, Glenn Innes, and last night police and protesters clashed as houses were moved from two properties.

A woman required hospital treatment and witnesses have claimed police were heavy handed, something they deny.

Protesters, which included affected tenants,  the Tamaki Housing Group, Occupy Auckland and Mana Maori, tonight picketed and chanted “Our civil rights are under attack! Stand up! Fight back!”.

Marion Peta claims six protesters were “manhandled” by officers last night.

“It’s my first experience with being pushed around like that. They were so rough with us and they walked over us. Police absolutely over reacted.”

Police have not addressed the protesters.

A woman needed hospital treatment after a confrontation between protesters and police in Glen Innes last night where activists including John Minto were arrested.

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