Plan B: a call for decentralised resistance to the G20 Australia Summit

We Did Not Want To Be Here Again…

We’ve been on the streets before. Carried placards and banners and signed petitions and when nobody listened we’ve thrown bricks and set skips on fire. But we’ve got meals to cook, gardens to grow, books to read, loves to tend. We don’t want to be here, doing this.

This is Plan B.

We just don’t think we have a choice. The gap between rich and poor is still growing. Children routinely die starving while hoarded food rots. The world moves daily closer to feeling the tangible effects of irreversible climate change. Profits flow through borders unimpeded (always into the pockets of the rich) but people are caught in razor wire traps. Alongside Eugene Debs, we recognise our kinship with all living beings. We say that while there is a lower class, we are in it; and while there is a criminal element, we are of it; and while there is a soul in prison (or an illegal detention centre), we are not free. These circumstances force us to fight. Fight for our lives.

And we have a plan.

The G20 is meeting in Brisbane in November. This elite decision making body epitomises the undemocratic nature of state-sponsored global capitalism; delegates from the 20 wealthiest economic zones make self-serving proclamations which affect everyone, without open discussion or oversight. The meeting has been faced with fierce resistance everywhere it has gone but this opposition has been smashed by the heavy hand of the militarised police forces which define our century. We’re sick of seeing our comrades beaten and arrested. We’ve learnt from these mistakes. We have a Plan B. Instead of gathering our strength and marching into the traps they have set for us, we are calling for disseminated disorder. Rather than an arterial block, we want to see a distributed attack on the peripheries.

We are calling for people to form affinity groups in their home towns and autonomously organise decentralised direct action against the G20 and the capitalist occupation of our lives.

See you on the streets!!

Brisbane: ‘G20 looms as security nightmare as protesters plan for mayhem’

27 September: Protesters are circulating a plan to unleash “waves of destruction” during Brisbane’s G20 summit.

The plot to mar the event — dubbed Plan B — is being distributed online by protest groups.

It advocates destroying ATMs and other property and disrupting sport and social events. The plan cites an array of activist causes including globalisation, poverty and gay rights.

Attacks would be launched away from the heavily fortified security zones in favour of areas where police would be thinner on the ground.

Police yesterday extended the time and locations that would be subject to restrictions — security lockdowns will now begin on November 8, six days earlier than planned.

Deputy Commissioner Ross Barnett said police needed the extra time because protesters would be out in force earlier than first anticipated. Continue reading “Brisbane: ‘G20 looms as security nightmare as protesters plan for mayhem’”

Brisbane: G20 anarchists vow chaos and mayhem for Brisbane’s streets

9 December: An anarchist group labelled as violent has vowed to cause “chaos and mayhem” at Brisbane’s G20 Summit – prompting other protest groups to warn against getting involved with them. [Unfortunately, all that really happened is that the Courier Mail found a six month old pisstake post on Indymedia – disaccords]

Police are keeping close tabs of protest groups which have embarked on online recruitment drives a year out from the event to ensure a strong presence in Brisbane.

The Sydney-based Black Rose Syndicat has taken the most hostile approach issuing a virtual”call to arms” on websites, vowing to cause “chaos and mayhem” at next year’s event. Police sources have told The Courier-Mail officers are also preparing for protesters to use “Black Bloc” tactics, an identity-concealing strategy commonly linked to anarchists. Continue reading “Brisbane: G20 anarchists vow chaos and mayhem for Brisbane’s streets”

Brisbane: International protesters start talks with Queensland police ahead of G20 Summit next year

June 29: Police have begun negotiations with international protest groups in the lead up to the Brisbane’s G20 Summit to try to avoid failures of past events.

G20 Assistant Commissioner Katarina Carroll insists police have learnt from mistakes of past summits and have contingencies for worst case scenarios, which could include a temporary jail.

With its international reputation on the line, and arguably handling Australia’s largest peacetime counterterrorism security operation, the Queensland Police Service will also travel to London to talk with officials about successes and failures of the city’s 2009 event. Continue reading “Brisbane: International protesters start talks with Queensland police ahead of G20 Summit next year”

Brisbane to host 2014 G20 meeting

Brisbane Times:  Protesters ‘will be waiting’ for G20

Tourists say the G20 summit will get Brisbane ‘on the map’ but the conference is expected to bring with it traffic mayhem and protests amidst the largest security operation Australia has seen.

The streets of Brisbane are likely to be filled with protesters when the G20 comes to town in 2014, with Melbourne’s mayor warning the city may come to regret hosting the event.

Melbourne G20 2006

In the wake of the global financial crisis, the annual G20 summit – to be held in Brisbane in November 2014 – has become a stage for protesters, as much as it is a forum for the world’s presidents, prime ministers and central bank governors. Continue reading “Brisbane to host 2014 G20 meeting”