Indonesia: Malang, East Java – ATM Bank bombed

Phoenix Project #10: Malang, East Java – ATM Bank bombed by Sebastian O. Seguel Cell / ICR-FAI (Indonesia)

325: You can’t jail wolves. You only can jail the body, but you cannot jail the spirit of liberation and the will to keep carrying on attacks against all the enemies. You can shutdown one fighter but the spirit will still live and reach the other corner and spot where you feel safe. You have an eternal enemy who will never step back even though we lost comrades. We, the nihilist anarchists will never stop hitting you until you are ashes. We are the pole out of your poor understanding regarding what is anarchy and chaos for us. And yes we are terrorists, the one who fought for freedom from hundreds years ago with fists, rocks, molotovs, incendiaries and of course, bombs.

And we used it against you. Against one of your most favourite instruments: Banks. We blew up one of your money machine with our small explosive creation. We made the bomb with our limited knowledge about it from many different sources. We want you and your abiding citizens know if we will never let our limitations bound our desire to continually address our anger to all of you. We made the bomb consisted of small amount of black powder and mixed it with some pieces of irons from nails to strengthen the power. And it successfully blew and paralysed one of your supporting instruments. Continue reading “Indonesia: Malang, East Java – ATM Bank bombed”

Indonesia: Beer party triggers Tulungagung prison riot

4 August: Tulungagung, East Java  – A party in which beer was served resulted in a riot, along with escape attempts by dozens of prisoners and detainees, after several inmates became intoxicated after drinking Javanese beer, according to Chief of Tulungagung Penitentiary Muji Widodo.

“We noted that at least six inmates are known to have become drunk and made a commotion by breaking block door and provoking other inmates,” said Widodo here on Sunday.

However, the escape attempt by dozens of prisoners was unsuccessful, said prison officials.

During the riot, several prisoners damaged the second porter door in the main entrance of Class II Tulungagung Penitentiary. Continue reading “Indonesia: Beer party triggers Tulungagung prison riot”

Indonesia: Six years on, and still fighting Lapindo

Translated by Hidup Biasa, original from Serum #3

Recently, 3000 victims of the mud volcano created by the Lapindo company’s drilling operations, whose homes were in the affected area, once again demonstrated their feelings outside the East Java Governor’s office in Surabaya. They were asking the provincial government to lend money to PT Minarak Lapindo Jaya so the company would be able to pay the compensation money it owed. The demonstrators came from places inside the designated affected zone, for example Renokenongo, Siring, Jatirejo and Glagah Arum villages in Porong district, and Kedungbendo and Ketapang in Tanggulangin District.

The people were demonstrating because they felt the government’s actions had been discriminative. People living outside the designated affected area had already been awarded compensation, but they had not. That’s why they were urging Governor Soekarwo to agree to loan PT Minarak Lapindo Jaya (MLJ) 600 billion Rupiah.

Disturbances broke out during the demonstration. Furious that Soekarwo would not meet with them, they pulled at the barbed wire fence and bombarded the police with sandals, sticks and stones. The police then broke up the demonstration by firing a water cannon and tear gas towards the mudflow victims. Continue reading “Indonesia: Six years on, and still fighting Lapindo”

Indonesia: four anarchists arrested and investigated for solidarity actions, website shut down

Negasi: On the night of Friday, April 20, 2012, four comrades in Malang, East Java, were arrested by police while performing acts of vandalism as a form of solidarity against a variety of asymmetric struggle against the State, Capital and Society and as a form of solidarity with the revolutionary combatants in jail (Billy & Eat, Tukijo and Hidayat). These four comrades were arrested and had a long interrogation for 17 hours without stopping before it is released though still under police surveillance and investigation.

During the investigation, the police force four comrades to mention Faebook address each considered a “communication tool” internal “group of trouble makers and bullies the social order”.
They were also asked about their relationship with the combatants in the jail (Billy & Eat, Tukijo and Hidayat-recently released from prison at the moment), then how do they communicate with their comrades in prison (whether via phone, email or other medium ), the name of the group or network of which alleged that they were involved and how these groups communicate, and other silly things related activities each captured comrades. Continue reading “Indonesia: four anarchists arrested and investigated for solidarity actions, website shut down”

Surabaya, Indonesia: residents affected by mudflow block railway, storm governor’s office in

April 16: Surabaya, East Java. Thousands of residents affected by the Lapindo mudflow blockaded the railway, stormed the governor’s office and clashed with police in a protest about delays in compensation from the company that caused the mudflow.

Thousands of families lost their land when a mud volcano erupted in May 2006. The eruption was caused by the blowout of a natural gas well drilled by PT Lapindo Brantas, although company officials contend it was caused by a distant earthquake. It is now the biggest mud volcano in the world. People are angry about  a delay in compensation payments promised them by Minarak Lapindo Jaya, the holding company for the gas drilling firm.

Protesters at the East Java governor’s office demanded that high-ranking officials come out and meet them. When officials refused, protestors forced their way into the governor’s building and threw stones and bottles at the police officers.

The demonstration’s main orator, speaking through a loudspeaker, tried to get people to simmer down: “Let’s not get provoked. We’re here to hold a peaceful rally. Don’t do anything anarchic. Calm down.”

Instead of following his instructions, however, the protesters started hurling projectiles at him, too. Continue reading “Surabaya, Indonesia: residents affected by mudflow block railway, storm governor’s office in”