Philippines: more on anarchist solidarity with victims of Typhoon Haiyan

The Solar Guerilla Autonomous Response Team of the Mobile Anarchist School is launching a third mission to the typhoon hit region of Leyte in the  Philippines and is calling for any donations to help them out in this task. They have been distributing food, providing health care wherever they can, childcare and have set up solar powered generators to help people recharge mobile phones and torches, all completely free of charge. The Brisbane Solidarity Network have produced a pamphlet covering the first two missions with details on how to support this campaign.It can be downloaded here.

See also Leyte Mission One and Leyte Mission Two.

Donations can be sent to
Account Number: 2719 0543 77
Account holder: Jocelyn R. Zalueta / Crisanto D. De Vera
Account holder address: 157 Ilaya E. Mendoza St. Buting, Pasig City Philippines
Bank address: 99 A. Sn.guillermo Ave. Buting, Pasig City, Philippines
Zip Code: 1600
Swift Code: BOPIPHMM
Any queries or donation related to this initiative please OR the Etniko Bandido Infoshop at Continue reading “Philippines: more on anarchist solidarity with victims of Typhoon Haiyan”

Philippines: continuing autonomous disaster relief


Onsite Infoshop: Mobile Anarchist School volunteers and its immediate network have no time to rest; right after our first mission, we came back to Manila just to complete the requirements for “Climate Crises and Direct Action Forum” where we shared the details of our initiative in Leyte.

We able to gather resources enough to support six volunteers for 15 days action. We discussed the details of our second mission and carefully outlined our plan based on our experience. Continue reading “Philippines: continuing autonomous disaster relief”

Philippines: Yolanda’s aftermath and Autonomous Initiative

Anarchist News, 4 December: Yolanda is one of the most destructive typhoons to have visited the Philippine archipelago. It pummeled the Visayas region, particularly Leyte and some parts of Cebu and Panay areas. Super typhoon Yolanda left the archipelago with thousands of dead people, commercial and residential structures destroyed, power knocked-out; agriculture and livelihoods are washed-out that caused billions of losses. Destruction is so extensive that it caused unimaginable effect to the survivors.

Government’s Response caused more devastation to the people

The Philippine archipelago is in the frontline of calamity brought by storms. It is a common knowledge impossible to miss especially by the government which is supposed to be the authority in terms of preparation and rehabilitation. The huge number of dead people scattered in Leyte is attributable to the incapacity of the government to install preparatory mechanism to lessen casualties, the Philippine government did not learn from our past experience of havoc due to storm surges.

Reports in relation to looting and violence in Tacloban city and other municipalities are effects of dirty politics, neglect and corruption. The inability of the government to provide systematic and effective respones made people behave violently; shortage of food is not an issue. The global attention is on the Philippines for the past few weeks; donations and support in terms of cash, in kinds and in services are overwhelming. Continue reading “Philippines: Yolanda’s aftermath and Autonomous Initiative”