Canberra: Climate change protesters dragged from Parliament House

3 Dec – About 200 climate change activists have been dragged from Parliament House after staging a sit-in.

As global talks in Paris continue, protesters occupied the Marble Foyer before being asked to leave.

When they decided to stay, security officers dragged them out.

Climate change sit-in rally ... protesters inside Parliament House, Canberra. Picture: Ray Strange

The protests were also captured on Twitter with the hashtag of #peoplesparliament which has been trending across Australia on the social networking platform.

They chanted slogans and held signs such as saying “People ahead of polluters”.

Refusing to leave ... one climate change protester in the Marble Foyer. Picture: Ray Strange


Protesters are removed ... by security after attending a rally inside Parliament House. Picture: AAP

Canberra: Kangaroo attacks politician

May 16: An Australian politician taking his morning jog through the capital has been attacked by a kangaroo.

Shane Rattenbury, a minister in the Australian Capital Territory government that administers Canberra, said he was jogging along the pavement in suburban Ainslie when he almost collided with an eastern grey kangaroo that had been grazing on a front lawn.

“We both got a nasty fright – and of course when kangaroos are startled they lash out,” the 41-year-old said. “As the kangaroo sought to escape, it landed on me, and its claws dug into my leg.”

Rattenbury said the 1.4-metre (4ft 7in) marsupial knocked him to ground, with the claws drawing blood from two deep scratches on his left leg. His right leg was bruised from the impact of the fall. Continue reading “Canberra: Kangaroo attacks politician”

Canberra: raid on battery hen farm

March 12: Activists forced entry into the Parkwood Egg Farm, owned by Pace Farm, in Macgregor, between 11pm Monday, March 12 and 6am Tuesday, March 13.

They slashed conveyor belts, destroyed grading and packaging machinery, and damaged office equipment and forklifts. Battery acid and power tools were allegedly used to destroy equipment. Production at the battery egg farm was forced to a standstill.

A claim of responsibility was published on Bite Back: “Parkwood Egg Farm, located in Macgregor ACT and owned by Pace, is the ACT’s only factory farm, housing between 100000 and 200000 layer hens in small cages. Last night, Parkwood was infiltrated. Various items of equipment along the automated grading and packing production line were damaged or destroyed in an attempt to cause economic harm to those who profit from torture and murder. No equipment relating to the welfare of the hens was touched; they will continue to receive food and water. Continue reading “Canberra: raid on battery hen farm”

Canberra: Syrian embassy stormed

February 4: Up to forty people stormed the Syrian embassy at about 9.30pm, causing extensive damage inside. The attack coincided with embassies in London, Berlin, Athens, Cairo, Kuwait and Tripoli, in protest against the Syrian government’s brutal repression of dissidents.

Three people were in the Canberra embassy but no one was hurt. No arrests have been made and the attackers have not been identified.

The Federal Police say the raid happened just as security was being tightened at the embassy as reports of the events overseas was received.

Canberra: banner drop demands sovereignty

Indymedia: A group of Canberra anarchists dropped 3 banners around the Civic in the nation’s capital, as an autonomous action in solidarity with Aboriginal Tent Embassy’s 40 years of struggle.

One banner was hung on the pedestrian bridge on Alinga St reading ‘(AUSTRALIA – crossed out) INVASION DAY. SOVEREIGNTY NEVER CEDED”. Another two were hung from a large empty building on London CCt directly opposite the Department of Public Prosecutions and an Australian Federal Police station which read “224 YEARS OF OCCUPATION, 224 YEARS OF RESISTANCE” and “STOLEN LAND”.

This small action follows on the heels of worldwide publicity of tent embassy protests, after Aboriginal activists frightened the police and security teams of the nations two major political party leaders into a humiliating ‘escape’ from an Australia Day function beside the aptly named ‘Pork Barrel Cafe’ Continue reading “Canberra: banner drop demands sovereignty”

Canberra: Invasion Day

January 26: Protesters who had gathered in Canberra for the 40th anniversary of the Aboriginal Tent Embassy surrounded a restaurant where Prime Minister Julia Gillard and opposition leader Tony Abbott were, causing Gillard and Abbott to be bundled out under police guard.

January 27: Aboriginal protesters burn the Australian flag outside parliament.

On the way the demonstrators blocked one of the city’s main thoroughfares.

Despite a heavy police presence, including a number of police dogs, authorities were unable to hold an initial cordon at the edge of Parliament’s forecourt and were forced to retreat in the face of overwhelming numbers.