Sydney: Anti-electoral campaign

Over the past two months some anarchists around Sydney mounted a campaign against politics and the democratic process.

This election takes place in a period of historic disillusionment with the political spectacle and the politicians who represent it, and never before have so many parties been on offer, to direct that mistrust back into the electoral process.

We reject this process in its entirety. Elections are a charade to confuse us about where power lies, and how things can be changed. With the following petty acts of anti-political sabotage, we draw a line.

Thousands of anti-electoral posters were pasted up throughout Sydney.

Hundreds of anti-political slogans were painted across the city.

A dozen banners were tied to highway overpasses.

Political advertising of every party was vandalised, or taken down and later burnt.

Party activists caught spreading political propaganda were confronted, harassed and sometimes relieved of their material.

Unlike every political party we do not measure success based on opinion polls or ballots.

We do not seek to promote ourselves as a solution to capitalism, we do not seek to recruit, we do not want power. We offer no promises. We represent no one.

We intend to encourage the spread of class hatred and collective resistance to the bosses, their politicians and the way of life they’ve sold to us.

We desire the total annihilation of capital and the state.

Fighting for ourselves.





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Election billboards attacked by vandals


RE-FACED: Vandals targeted this sign hanging from Tamworth’s Viaduct Bridge. Photo: Barry Smith 270616BSA01

RE-FACED: Vandals targeted this sign hanging from Tamworth’s Viaduct Bridge.

27 June – CORFLUTES, billboards and banners are the latest victims in the race for New England, with several sides claiming they’re being targeted by vandals.

The Nationals New England campaign team yesterday complained 800 posters had been damaged or vandalised with slogans and photos across the electorate.

However, police said there had been no report made of 800 posters damaged, but a handful of incidents had been reported in recent weeks.

Witnesses to this act of vandalism should phone Armidale Police on 6771 0699.

New England Inspector Chris McKinnon said, in addition to Barnaby Joyce’s posters being de-faced, there had been a report to police about independent Tony Windsor-branded corflutes being stolen in Armidale.

“We have received reports of signs being damaged or stolen from various candidates,” he said.

“It is an offence to de-face, damage or steal a sign and inquiries are continuing.”

28 – Motorists along busy Gympie Rd, Strathpine seeing Peter Dutton’s new billboard would have read that the Immigration Minister “kills people in concentration camps” on the LNP campaign billboard of a smiling Mr Dutton with Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull.

The billboard also said Mr Dutton “does not represent you”.