Sydney: Anzac heckler charged over offensive yells

The 32-year-old man interjected during the minute of silence between The Last Post and Reveille at the commemoration service in Martin Place on Tuesday.

“The courageous will never be silent as long as these wars continue. Senseless violence. Stop the wars. Bring peace to the world,” he yelled.

The man was arrested and later charged with behaving in an offensive manner in a public place, a police spokeswoman told journalists.

He was granted conditional bail to appear at Downing Centre Local Court on May 18.

Self-styled “General” Joseph Mekhael, 32, posted a picture of himself giving the thumbs up after being released on conditional bail earlier today.

“I just got out of jail after disrupting the celebration of war that is #anzacday and being assaulted by some of Sydney’s weakest pencil-necked police puppets!” he wrote.

On Monday, a war memorial in Melbourne was defaced with anarchist symbols and anti-war slogan “War is Murder”.

The red paint was scrubbed off the brick monument outside Warrandyte RSL in the city’s north ahead of Tuesday’s commemorations.

Sydney: ANZAC Day – Militarism & Repression

Indymedia: In the early hours of April 25 a group of anti-militarist activists gathered in Martin Place. They carried a number of banners and placards which bore slogans such as “NO WAR BETWEEN NATIONS, NO PEACE BETWEEN CLASSES” “FIGHT THE RICH NOT THEIR WARS” and “SUPPORT THE DIGGERS WHO SHOOT THEIR OFFICERS”.

They handed out a couple thousand leaflets to veterans and supports who came to attend the ANZAC dawn service. Some of the fliers were produced by the antiwar veterans groups “Peace Bus” and “Stand Fast”. Other fliers commemorated the Aboriginal warriors who were slaughtered in the frontier wars, and the diggers who went on strike and rioted for days in Sydney in 1916 against their authoritarian officers.

Around 5.30am, after the protesters left Martin Place without conflict, three comrades were chased down by a large group of pigs and forced to the ground in Hyde Park. After being threatened for half an hour, one comrade was accused of taping a poster to a nearby pole, then detained by police and held for the next 16 hours.

The poster in question was a reprint of a hundred year old anti-war poster which was plastered around Sydney throughout WW1 by members of the revolutionary union, the I.W.W. Continue reading “Sydney: ANZAC Day – Militarism & Repression”

ANZAC Day Statement from Melbourne Anarchist Communist Group

WAR IS HELL. Galllipoli, 1915. On 25 April, 1915, Australian, British and other imperialist troops landed on a Turkish beach. It was the beginning of a horrendous waste of human life in the Gallipoli campaign, which was itself a minor part of the larger waste of human life during World War I. Both sides in this war were reactionary imperialist alliances, fighting to re-divide the world in the struggle for colonies, resources and markets. It was ended, not by enlightened statesmanship, or by military victory on the field, but by revolutions – first in Russia in 1917 and then in Germany in 1918. The new German government realised that to fight on was to risk a repeat of what had happened in Russia the previous year.

Afghanistan, 2012

United States, Australian and other imperialist troops are fighting an unwinnable war in Afghanistan. The President, a long-time US stooge, retained office in the 2009 election by means of massive fraud. His authority, though, scarcely runs further than the capital. Outside Kabul, the country is ruled by warlords (nominally allies of the President) or by the Taliban. Both are brutal religious zealots, the former somewhat more brutal and the latter somewhat more zealous. The population hate the occupation – they have never submitted to a strong central government and aren’t about to start now. Everyone knows it is only a matter of time till the imperialists leave, so further military operations are pointless cruelty. Continue reading “ANZAC Day Statement from Melbourne Anarchist Communist Group”