Philippines: An Anti-Election piece & Food Not Bombs Action


26 Dec – The mud-slinging, the ridiculous character assassinations, and cyber-bullying being done by followers of the politicians aspiring for the 2016 Philippine presidency are indicators that it is all a sham recycled from several decades ago. This is why I stand by my opinion that there are better things to do to change the country than voting. This is because, whoever wins, a large part of the country’s population will still go hungry and their lives will barely change. An empty stomach, lack of shelter, and no access to proper health care can’t wait another six years.


A local Food Not Bombs chapter can keep 20+ homeless families fed until they are strong enough to look for sources of livelihood, all with just food donations and a minuscule budget. How many government agencies with access to millions of pesos can boast of expediting the same thing? I will change my mind about voting when the machine is not broken anymore and everyone is ensured of having their voices heard. For the meantime, I’ll discuss with my wife how we can further help families in the provinces get cheap medicine and free hospitalization, like what we’ve always done before. We will continue to support local direct action efforts to better the lives of those that the government would round up and hide every time APEC is held here. That is better than being stuck in bureaucratic red tape, because the results with the former are evidently better and immediate, despite its small scale.

Dec. 21, 2015 – Cavite Leg. Food not Bombs crew and anarcho-punks in Dasmarinas, Cavite conducted food sharing activities in the said locality followed by discussion about rhetoric of election and  the evil it brings to the people and community. The Local Autonomous Network is set to conduct series of discussions re: anti-election activities in Manila, Cubao, Cavite and Bulacan.

Indonesia: ICR – FAI/IRF take responsibility for arsons

“Our words, carve today like a blade and our actions burn the bridges with yesterday… With tenacity and will, until we murder authority.”
Conspiracy of Cells of Fire: Prisoners Cell, Andreas Tsavdaridis and Sypros Mandylas, (Letter to Alfredo Cospito and Nicola Gai)

325: The declarations of war against authority won’t stop with one single action nor one single letter of publication. It is a totality of our lives, each one of us, who stands here as egoists under the name of International Conspiracy for Revenge (ICR) as part of the Informal Anarchist Federation/International Revolutionary Front. We won’t step back, even if we are isolated or deserted by the other “revolutionary anarchists” who devoted themselves to the dreams of society, those who let their own values as anarchists be imposed wholly by reformism, negotiation and conformity. We are out of their league and we won’t play their game. We have our own, one of violence and direct action. With nihilist comradeship through fire and fists to our comrades locked behind bars everywhere, in Europe, in South America and Mexico. Our comradeship also goes to those anonymous comrades who went underground to carry on a constant confrontation with Power.

Recent Situation Concerning the General Election in Indonesia

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Darwin: Rowdy anti-election action as anarchists burn campaign posters and also activists’ banner

325: On Friday the 6th of September as the farce of Australia’s federal election came to a close we decided to breathe some more fire into the mix.

50 + political posters with the names, faces and political parties who claim to want to “represent” us were collected throughout the night and as we descended on a footbridge across Trower Rd we noticed some do-gooder activists had already visited. With a banner reading “Don’t vote for Abbott, preserve your lifestyle” being immediately removed, covered in petrol and blanketed in party posters we set the kindling ablaze and had 2 banners hanging over the road below it; “FUCK THE VOTE” and “FREEDOM NOW.” They greeted the traffic and the authorities that arrived to deal with it. It was rather pretty when it all went up 5 metres off the ground across three lanes of traffic.

We will not vote at the ballot, we will vote with fire, we will not vote at the polls but we’ll do it with poles.

Much respect to all fire starters in Australia, we march forward with much inspiration. To all comrades imprisoned and on the run – eternal solidarity.

Darwin (almost) Ninja League

Melbourne: politicians’ offices vandalised

Indymedia, 30 August: The current border policies of the ruling elite are cruel, oppressive, revanchist. Last night we vandalised the offices of Simon Crean, Anna Burke, and Andrew Robb; they are complicit.

The politicians and bosses have driven wedges between us, trying to convince us there is an enemy in people from across the sea. The real enemy, of course, is those who seek to rule us. Our sisters and brothers, the ‘boat people’, have been asking for our solidarity for years. They have petitioned, protested, hunger-striked, self-harmed and suicided. But help has not come. The only rational response left is to riot.

We are privileged citizens in occupied land and we stand to benefit from this racist approach. But this won’t do. We don’t accept this reality and we never will. It doesn’t matter who we are. What matters is that we resist. That we show resistance is possible. It’s the right – the only – way to act in such terrible times. In doing so we hope to inspire others to break the spell of passivity, together we can turn the world upside down. Continue reading “Melbourne: politicians’ offices vandalised”

Philippines: anarchist anti-election activities

Bas Channel

direktang tulong

poster fnb

As the campaign period for the May 13 polls heated up on its last day on Saturday, cab driver told that, “I am not excited to vote. Every three years, I keep hearing the same promises from the same people, who keep breaking their promises every two years. Old and new politicians are alike. They want to remain in power forever. They don’t serve the people.”

He referred to the ruling elite, whose members have been well entrenched in politics. Although dynasty and traditional politicians have become dirty words in this year’s polls, critics were not strong and proactive to allow change of candidates. In a depressed area near a river in suburban Quezon City, unemployed voters and poor residents have formed groups, like herds, to receive gifts — consisting of money and grocery items — from handlers of candidates. “Vote-buying is both a blessing and a headache for all…

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Manila, Philippines: “Win or lose, we go shopping after the election” – Imelda Marcos

From Onsite Infoshop in Muntinlupa City (Manila south), Philippines.

Bas Channel

Last April 27 2013, a group of politicians with their aids and supporters stormed Onsite community in Muntinlupa City; they were armed with colorful propaganda materials, loud sound system combined with sweet talks and fake smiles.



They shook hands with people who are characterized by “culture of silence”; they tend to keep issues within themselves and generally avoid confrontation with the politicians.

the power of bulletin board

The beauty of spontaneity lies in its unpredictability. The politicians encountered unexpected things which exposed their ignorance. First, they unable to react to bulletin board set-up by Onsite Infoshop volunteers; it deals about the inability of the politicians and local officials to respond to flood that regularly occurs in the community.

Then, they met a well articulate and tenacious volunteer who discussed flood problem and its relationship to the changing pattern of the climate. He told politicians to pay attention to more serious issues such as heavy…

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Sydney: anarchist campaign against the NSW council elections

Indymedia: In the weeks preceding the NSW council elections, some anarchists and anti authoritarians in Sydney mounted a campaign against the coerced ritual of voting.

A couple thousand posters and stickers were pasted on walls, bins, electricity boxes, telephone booths, and bus shelters mostly throughout the electorates of Ashfield, Leichardt, Marrickville, Rockdale, Hurstville and Sydney city.
Low lying politician signs from every party were torn down, numerous high ones were hit with paint bombs and at least 20 anti voting slogans were sprayed across walls, mostly throughout the inner west.

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