Melbourne: graffiti

In solidarity with the Greece uprising and with the determination to affect our cities, anarchists painted late night messages around the Northcote area of Melbourne.


On the front walls of the Pankoaki Brotherhood building (a nationalistic Greek association) was painted: “SOLIDARITY WITH THE GREEK UPRISING”. On the fence next door was painted something about the Australian situation: “REVENGE 4 TERRENCE D BRISCOE, FIRE TO THE PRISONS”, a reference to a recent Aboriginal death in custody in the NT: death via beating at the hands of the police. Continue reading “Melbourne: graffiti”


Sydney: Anarchist intervention against the 150 year celebration of the NSW Police Force

From Indymedia: At around 10am on March 1st shortly before the police began their official ‘Sea of Blue’ anniversary march from the Rocks, down George St to the Sydney Town Hall, a group of anarchists dropped a banner reading “PIG BRUVA IS WATCHING, COMMUNITY NOT SURVEILLANCE CULTURE” from the Cahill Expressway bridge directly above George St, only two blocks away from the Rocks Police station where 750 pigs were gathered preparing to march directly under it.

Once the police began their procession, we simultaneously began our own unpermitted march down Pitt St, carrying a banner reading “NO JUSTICE NO PEACE, OCCUPY EVERYTHING” and chanting “COPS PIGS MURDERS, 150 YEARS, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!” “ALL COPS ARE BASTARDS, A.C.A.B” and “No JUSTICE NO PEACE, FUCK THE POLICE!” Continue reading “Sydney: Anarchist intervention against the 150 year celebration of the NSW Police Force”

Indonesia: Open letter from Negasi to Eat & Billy

325received this translation from Indonesia anti-info site, Negasi:

Brothers Billy & Eat,

As you can see, the comrades are okay… The passion for freedom is still stronger than the prison!

It has been four months that both of you have been locked up behind bars which are operated by the state. A tool of repression that restricts your physical space, but we are sure not the imagination, passion and revenge in your hearts. Continue reading “Indonesia: Open letter from Negasi to Eat & Billy”

Sydney: graffiti on MP’s office

February 23: Baulkham Hills MP David Elliott released a statement threatening to ‘name and shame’ graffiti artists in Parliament after his electorate office was vandalised for the third time in the 11 months since his election to Parliament.

Mr Elliott, a Liberal, said it was now necessary to use taxpayers’ money to fund CCTV cameras outside his office to reinforce his view that “vandalism costs everyone”.

He has also called for lifelong bans on driving licences and mandatory jail sentences for offenders.

The graffiti attack on Mr Elliott’s office has been referred to Castle Hill police.

Victoria: flag stolen from school

February 25: (Redesdale, central Victoria) Mia Mia Primary School principal Kathy Vella is angry after someone stole the school’s Australian flag last week.

The theft of the flag from the school’s flagpole, along with the connecting ropes, was discovered by Ms Vella when she arrived for school on February 13.

The theft comes after a string of vandalism attacks on the school that began at the start of fourth term last year.

Indonesia: second night of rioting at Kerobokan Prison, Bali

SMH: Police and prison officials at Bali’s troubled Kerobokan prison have once again abandoned their post in the face of a fresh outburst of rioting.

Security forces responded with an hour or more of warning shots fired around the prison perimeter in an attempt to deter prisoners from starting a second night of full scale rioting.

Two missiles made of rocks bound in flaming cloth were hurled over the prison walls at about 10pm local time (1am AEST).

A barrage of rocks and other debris followed, forcing police stationed inside the prison in the wake of the previous  night’s destructive riot to quit their posts.

Witnesses to the violence say prisoners were yelling: “Everyone is a liar, give back our friends, where are our friends?”. Continue reading “Indonesia: second night of rioting at Kerobokan Prison, Bali”

Indonesia: riot in Bali jail

From AAP: Bali’s notorious Kerobokan jail is expected to remain in lockdown for days in the wake of a riot in which inmates gained control of the prison, including offices just metres from the compound’s front gate.

About 100 heavily-armed police entered the jail early on Wednesday morning to put down the riot which erupted after days of simmering tensions linked to a similar outbreak of violence at the weekend. Continue reading “Indonesia: riot in Bali jail”