Prison riot: Fulham, Victoria

January 19: At around 4pm around 30 prisoners in Fulham Prison, near Sale in Gippsland, refused to return to their cells.  Up to a dozen ran at fencing and tried to scale it as tensions spilled over on several fronts. Inmates, armed with gym equipment and gardening tools, began destroying property and starting fires.

Eleven people took to the roof. Police used capsicum spray and turned on rooftop sprinklers in an attempt to get people down, but six remained at midnight, with the rest of the prison on lockdown. They were forced down at around 3am when authorities used tear gas against them. The 11 men, aged 19-23, have been transferred to Port Phillip and Barwon prisons and could face charges as police continue to investigate the riot. Continue reading “Prison riot: Fulham, Victoria”


Three comrades in prison in Indonesia

Hidayat has been charged by Makassar Police with damaging Police outposts during a demonstration supporting the people of Bima. Hidayat participated in a solidarity action that took place in Makassar on 26th December 2011 against the brutal police clearance of the anti-mining protest in Bima, where thousands of people had occupied Sape port. According to reports, he was arrested secretively in the crowds.

On January 16 his detention period was extended to 40 days, until February 24, 2012.

Hidayat’s health has been deteriorating. Symptoms of typhus, a disease he suffered from previously, have been returning. His friends have requested a deferment of detention so that Hidayat can receive treatment outside the prison.

From Hidup Biasa:

We ask for solidarity and support from all those in struggle and fighting their own battles against the state and capital. Pass on this information, discuss it and let the fires of your solidarity burn. We should show everyone that not one friend will be left behind.

Reyhart Rumbayan (Eat) and Billy Augustan (Billy) have been imprisoned in Yogyakarta since 7th October 2011. Continue reading “Three comrades in prison in Indonesia”

Seven more charged over April Villawood riots

January 13: Seven men charged with rioting at Sydney’s Villawood Detention Centre have been refused bail.

Nine buildings were destroyed by fire during the violent protests last April.

The detainees faced Central Local Court today [January 13] after being charged overnight.

They did not apply for bail and it was formally refused.

A total of 16 men have been charged over the riots.

Indonesia: Vandalism of Police Property Spiked in 2011

Jakarta Globe:

A sharp increase in the attacks on the country’s police offices and facilities last year is an indication of the public’s growing discontent toward law enforcers, a watchdog said on Tuesday.

Indonesian Police Watch said as many as 65 police offices and facilities were either burned or vandalized by members of the public in 2011, up from 20 such incidents in 2010.

“This significant rise shows how the people have become more and more resistant toward our law enforcement officials,” said Neta S. Pane, chairman of the watchdog. Continue reading “Indonesia: Vandalism of Police Property Spiked in 2011”

Another Aboriginal man killed by police in custody

source and more: Treaty Republic

Terrance Daniel Briscoe, a 28 year old Anmatyerre Aboriginal man, was arrested for public drunkenness by Alice Springs Police about 9.30pm on January 4. At 6.30 the next morning police informed his family that he was dead.

Police originally told the family that he had fallen over and sustained a head injury before being locked away, and later died of a heart attack. They have since said that he died from ‘a lung complication.’

Mr Briscoe’s friends who were arrested with him say they saw five officers bash him.

Mr Briscoe’s family want to know why he was denied urgent medical care after sustaining his injuries. Continue reading “Another Aboriginal man killed by police in custody”

Some Sydney anarchists celebrate NYE by dropping 18 banners from 5 empty buildings in the CBD

From Indymedia:

On New Years Eve while the city streets were packed with drunken revelers and riot cops, a group of anarchist dropped 18 banners from five empty buildings in centre of Sydney. Sound-systems were also set up in two of the buildings with an anti-police hip hop/punk/dubstep mix which blasted out onto the streets. Anarchist slogans and symbols were sprayed on the windows in the buildings and on buses and banks in the streets below. Continue reading “Some Sydney anarchists celebrate NYE by dropping 18 banners from 5 empty buildings in the CBD”

Moree: police attacked during riot

Police have allegedly been attacked with rocks and beer bottles while breaking up a riot in northwest NSW on New Year’s Day.

Police were called to Mehi Crescent, Moree at 2.50am (AEDT) after reports of an assault.

They arrived to find about 100 people on the road with several brawls occurring.

Officers with police dogs intervened to disperse the crowd and were forced to use tasers on two men who were allegedly involved in separate assaults.

It is alleged the crowd then turned on police and pelted them with bottles and rocks. Continue reading “Moree: police attacked during riot”