Indonesia: riot in Bali jail

From AAP: Bali’s notorious Kerobokan jail is expected to remain in lockdown for days in the wake of a riot in which inmates gained control of the prison, including offices just metres from the compound’s front gate.

About 100 heavily-armed police entered the jail early on Wednesday morning to put down the riot which erupted after days of simmering tensions linked to a similar outbreak of violence at the weekend. Continue reading “Indonesia: riot in Bali jail”


Sydney: bottles thrown at riot police breaking up a party

February 19: The police riot squad was called in to remove more than 300 people from a house party in Tamarama after receiving a noise complaint at about 12.15 am.

A police spokeswoman said there were about 200 people on the street and 100 in the house. She said people became aggressive when told to move on and began throwing bottles at police.

Two men were issued infringement notices for failing to move on.

Sydney: Solidarity With Greece demo that resulted in the complete evacuation of the Greek Consulate, the arrest of 6 comrades and an 11 hour Noise Demo at City Central Police Station

Indymedia: On Wednesday the 15th of February, following a 3 day General strike and massive rioting in the street of Athens and other cities throughout Greece, participants of the Occupy Sydney movement staged a demonstration in solidarity with the Greek revolt.

At approximately 12.30pm, while the city streets were full of tourists, shoppers and many office workers on lunch, a black bloc carrying an “Occupy Sydney” banner marched from the Martin Place Occupy camp down Castlereagh Street to the Greek Consulate chanting “A FATE WORSE THEN DEATH FUCK THE IMF. The comrades made speeches declaring solidarity with the popular revolt across Greece then left two objects in the doorway of the consulate and quickly dispersed. One object was a large fake Molotov made out of an empty petrol tin with red cellophane coming out the top, the other was an empty, black foam box labelled “PANDORA’S BOX: DO NOT OPEN” with the titles of various financial institutions: “IMF, European Central Bank” etc, labelled along the sides.

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Indonesia: Trial update, two combatants Jogjakarta

Reports from the trial of Eat and Billy, who have been imprisoned since October 2011, charged with having set fire to an ATM with explosives in Jogjakarta as a gesture of attack and solidarity.

Auto-translation from Negasi

February 15: Reyhard Rumbayan (EAT) and the Augustan Billy (Billy) yesterday (February 14, 2012) back in court for the third time. This agenda together with the second hearing on February 7, 2012, that is to hear testimony from witnesses. Public Prosecutor (Prosecutor) said they would present 30 witnesses to prove and convince the judge that the two combatants can be in the defendant with a chapter on terrorism. Continue reading “Indonesia: Trial update, two combatants Jogjakarta”

Victoria: riot police squad to double

From The Age: VICTORIA Police is set to more than double its squad of anti-riot officers in a move that new Chief Commissioner Ken Lay says is partly a response to television images of rioting mobs in England last year.

Membership of the police riot squad will grow from 50 to 110 after Mr Lay recently signed off on the move. Continue reading “Victoria: riot police squad to double”

Man stitches his lips in Broadmeadows Detention Centre

February 14: As tensions once again rise at MITA (Melbourne Immigration Transit Accommodation) in Broadmeadows, an Iranian man, aged 28, stitched his lips up this morning (Monday) as a sign of desperation. He has been detained for 11 months. Continue reading “Man stitches his lips in Broadmeadows Detention Centre”