Papua: Tablasupa Nickel Mining’s Drilling Rig Burned, Three Imprisoned

From Hidup Biasa: On the morning of 8th February 2012, local people from kampung Tablasupa, near to the Papuan capital Jayapura, burned a drilling rig belonging to the mining company PT Tablasupa Nikel Mining. The action was connected to an ongoing conflict between local people and the company, which plans to mine nickel on 9629 hectares of land, and is currently carrying out exploration activities. Although the company has been given a permit by the local Jayapura Bupati’s office, the people of Tablasupa feel that their rights as the holders of customary rights over the land have not been respected.

Two weeks after the machine was burnt, on February 20th, police arrested three villagers. Saul Sorontouw, Lambertus Seibo and Kanisius Kromisian. They have been charged under article 170 of the Indonesian penal code, and are being held in Jayapura police headquarters. While in prison Saul Sorontouw has been ill with gout, which has caused swellings in his knees. On February 28th police demanded statements from another six villagers, but they were allowed to go home that evening. Continue reading “Papua: Tablasupa Nickel Mining’s Drilling Rig Burned, Three Imprisoned”


Indonesia: three attacks on police

February 29: Three police patrol officers were assaulted by a mob in Ciamis, West Java, after the officers ran over a motorcyclist in their car, killing him. Instead of stopping to help, the officers attempted to flee the scene.

However, a crowd that had gathered prevented them from leaving and proceeded to beat them. Continue reading “Indonesia: three attacks on police”

Indonesia: ATMs sealed by Vandals for Solidarity Cell – International Conspiracy of Revenge / FAI

From 325:

At the end of January 2012, some comrades in Gorontalo, Northern Sulawesi, Indonesia, made an action of solidarity to Eat & Billy, imprisoned members of the Long Live Luciano Tortuga Cell – International Revolutionary Front / FAI and other imprisoned anarchists. They sealed 4 ATMs from different banks around the city, by filling the glue in the card channel, covering the monitor with oil paint, and writing some solidarity slogans on the walls. They left two communiques in two different places of action, to be claimed under the name of Vandals for Solidarity Cell – International Conspiracy of Revenge / FAI Indonesia. We only just received this news now, the communiques were “never found” and the media surpressed information of the sabotage.


Letter from Hidayat (Yaya), In Prison in Makassar

From Hidup Biasa

Dear comrades,

From the bottom of my heart and an ardent yearning to be with you, I wanted to write this short letter in order to let all my friends know that “a fire still burns in our hearts that cannot be extinguished”

Being in this place is not something I wished for, but also it should not be a cause for regret. We are aware and we understand that rebellion against the State is vital, but it also entails risks. If anarchists attack something that others hold sacred, then those people will not be able to tolerate anarchism. That is what underlies all our fears. Whenever someone opposes and seeks to destroy something we hold sacred, of course we will resist with all our strength. Continue reading “Letter from Hidayat (Yaya), In Prison in Makassar”

Melbourne: graffiti

In solidarity with the Greece uprising and with the determination to affect our cities, anarchists painted late night messages around the Northcote area of Melbourne.


On the front walls of the Pankoaki Brotherhood building (a nationalistic Greek association) was painted: “SOLIDARITY WITH THE GREEK UPRISING”. On the fence next door was painted something about the Australian situation: “REVENGE 4 TERRENCE D BRISCOE, FIRE TO THE PRISONS”, a reference to a recent Aboriginal death in custody in the NT: death via beating at the hands of the police. Continue reading “Melbourne: graffiti”

Sydney: Anarchist intervention against the 150 year celebration of the NSW Police Force

From Indymedia: At around 10am on March 1st shortly before the police began their official ‘Sea of Blue’ anniversary march from the Rocks, down George St to the Sydney Town Hall, a group of anarchists dropped a banner reading “PIG BRUVA IS WATCHING, COMMUNITY NOT SURVEILLANCE CULTURE” from the Cahill Expressway bridge directly above George St, only two blocks away from the Rocks Police station where 750 pigs were gathered preparing to march directly under it.

Once the police began their procession, we simultaneously began our own unpermitted march down Pitt St, carrying a banner reading “NO JUSTICE NO PEACE, OCCUPY EVERYTHING” and chanting “COPS PIGS MURDERS, 150 YEARS, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!” “ALL COPS ARE BASTARDS, A.C.A.B” and “No JUSTICE NO PEACE, FUCK THE POLICE!” Continue reading “Sydney: Anarchist intervention against the 150 year celebration of the NSW Police Force”

Indonesia: Open letter from Negasi to Eat & Billy

325received this translation from Indonesia anti-info site, Negasi:

Brothers Billy & Eat,

As you can see, the comrades are okay… The passion for freedom is still stronger than the prison!

It has been four months that both of you have been locked up behind bars which are operated by the state. A tool of repression that restricts your physical space, but we are sure not the imagination, passion and revenge in your hearts. Continue reading “Indonesia: Open letter from Negasi to Eat & Billy”