Perth: prisoner climbs on roof for twelve hours

February 8: “A prisoner who scaled the roof of a medium security prison yesterday will be moved to a maximum security jail.

The man climbed onto the roof of Acacia Prison [run by Serco], northeast of Perth,  forcing the facility into lockdown. Continue reading “Perth: prisoner climbs on roof for twelve hours”

Canberra: Syrian embassy stormed

February 4: Up to forty people stormed the Syrian embassy at about 9.30pm, causing extensive damage inside. The attack coincided with embassies in London, Berlin, Athens, Cairo, Kuwait and Tripoli, in protest against the Syrian government’s brutal repression of dissidents.

Three people were in the Canberra embassy but no one was hurt. No arrests have been made and the attackers have not been identified.

The Federal Police say the raid happened just as security was being tightened at the embassy as reports of the events overseas was received.

Sulawesi, Indonesia: police station attacked

February 2: Around 20 people attacked the Mamosalato police station with rocks and Molotov cocktails. No fatalities or injuries were reported. The attack on the station, in Morowali regency, Central Sulawesi, was linked by police an incident last year in which two people were killed after unrest around an offshore drilling company. Continue reading “Sulawesi, Indonesia: police station attacked”

Indonesia: one policeman attacked every 3 days in January

February 2: Indonesia Police Watch data shows that 11 police officers across the country were beaten, attacked and shot by civilians, three of them fatally, throughout January.

“The phenomenon shows that the relationship between the police and civilians has gotten worse,” IPW chairman Neta S. Pane said Tuesday in a statement sent to The Jakarta Post. […]

“Attacks on police officers show civilians’ prolonged disappointments toward the police, who are deemed arrogant,” he said.

“The attacks toward the police will go on unless they improve their image and performance,” Neta added.

Indonesia: police shoot five farmers in land dispute

Jakarta Globe, Friday February 3:

Five farmers in North Sumatra suffered gunshot wounds on Thursday in the latest clash in a land dispute involving farmers, a palm oil company and police.

North Sumatra Police spokesman Sr. Comr. Raden Heru Prakoso said the clash started from “an ambush” by residents of Batang Kumuh village, which lies on the border with Riau province.

“At the time, about 90 employees of MAI [Mazuma Agro Indonesia] were working on the land with two units of heavy machinery when as many as 200 villagers showed up and demanded the work stop,” Heru said.

The villagers, he said, were armed with sharp weapons and began attacking the Mobile Brigade (Brimob) [Indonesian National Police special operations unit] officers guarding the plantation. Continue reading “Indonesia: police shoot five farmers in land dispute”

Strike wave in Indonesia

From libcom: The Indonesian economy has been booming due to high prices for the commodities it is based on, but living costs are also rising and there is a strong sense that the country’s economic successes have not been shared. This has triggered a number of strikes across Indonesia in late 2011 and the start of 2012, some of which have succeeded in gaining higher wages.

Workers clashing with security forces during a protest in Bekasi on Friday January 27

Continue reading “Strike wave in Indonesia”

Canberra: banner drop demands sovereignty

Indymedia: A group of Canberra anarchists dropped 3 banners around the Civic in the nation’s capital, as an autonomous action in solidarity with Aboriginal Tent Embassy’s 40 years of struggle.

One banner was hung on the pedestrian bridge on Alinga St reading ‘(AUSTRALIA – crossed out) INVASION DAY. SOVEREIGNTY NEVER CEDED”. Another two were hung from a large empty building on London CCt directly opposite the Department of Public Prosecutions and an Australian Federal Police station which read “224 YEARS OF OCCUPATION, 224 YEARS OF RESISTANCE” and “STOLEN LAND”.

This small action follows on the heels of worldwide publicity of tent embassy protests, after Aboriginal activists frightened the police and security teams of the nations two major political party leaders into a humiliating ‘escape’ from an Australia Day function beside the aptly named ‘Pork Barrel Cafe’ Continue reading “Canberra: banner drop demands sovereignty”