NSW: Solidarity with la ZAD

13 April – Solidarity with la ZAD from Wiradjuri country, in so-called NSW.

For almost a decade la ZAD in Notre Dame Des Landes has been an autonomous zone, liberated from the French republic. The zone is currently being attacked by a massive police operation intent on the complete destruction of this seed of another possible world, a world free from the logic of capital.

ZAD Partout!

Brisbane: Arson Attack on the Commonwealth Games Clock

13 April – Yesterday in Meanjin (Brisbane, so called Australia) we watched on social media as the police brutalised and arrested peaceful Stolenwealth Games protestors on the Gold Coast. They used excessive force on young people, people with disabilities, and elders.

The police also tried to claim one young person self harmed while in their custody. Allies are urgently needed at Camp Freedom on the last two days of the Commonwealth Games, to join peaceful protests and protect the camp, which over the last two weeks, has been threatened by Neo Nazis, racists, and the Queensland Police force. Our action is in no way endorsed by Stolenwealth Games organisers and protestors (who have no knowledge of it), but they have our solidarity through this and more practical acts.

This surfboard clock was launched in 2015 on this fake beach to count down 1000 days until the Commonwealth Games. Time is now up for the Commonwealth, the State, and the weapons of the state — the police. If Queensland wants to slip back so easily to the days of the opppressive and violent Joh Bjelke-Petersen dictatorship, then more resistance can be expected. Fuck the Police. Fuck the Commonwealth. This isn’t the Queen’s Land. The time to decolonise is now, for healing the land and healing the people of the land.

#BurnAustraliaToTheGround #EyesonQLDpolice #Toomanycoppersnotenoughjustice

Papua: Riot erupts in Oksibil

Riot erupts in Oksibil

12 April – A group of people set fire to Pegunungan Bintang Regent Costan Oktemka’s residence in Oksibil, Papua, in a riot that erupted on Thursday.

The incident was reportedly triggered by disappointment regarding the regent’s failure to fulfill his promises to give door prizes to participants of a fun walk event held to celebrate the 15th anniversary of Pegunungan Bintang regency. The crowd also blockaded Oksibil Airport.

Before burning down the regent’s house, they set fire to a stage, tents and chairs prepared for the anniversary celebration.

“Some residents became violent and burned down the stage that was going to be used as the venue of the celebration. They later walked to the regent’s house and set it on fire,” said Papua Police spokesperson Sr. Comr. AM Kamal.

He said the fun walk event had run smoothly. “They were later disappointed after the organizing committee of the event announced that they would not giveaway door prizes as promised before. Initially, they wanted to file their protest with the regent, but he was no longer at the venue, so they vented their anger on the regent’s house,” said Kamal.

Authorities strove to calm them down, but failed because the group had become too big. To avoid conflict, some Oksibil residents sought refuge in houses of worship. “Churches and mosques were full with people and their goods,” said Meryana, an Oksibil resident, to The Jakarta Post.

Many people wanted to leave the city, but they could not find access to transportation because Oksibil Airport had also been blockaded. Authorities temporarily closed the airport.

Gold Coast: Three arrested during protest at Commonwealth Games opening ceremony

A group of indigenous protesters block a Gold Coast road, bringing a temporary halt to the Queen's Baton Relay before the opening ceremony at Carrara Stadium. Picture: AP Photo/John Pye

5 April – Dylan Voller was arrested at the Commonwealth Games after allegedly trying to storm the stadium as a protest turned ugly during the opening ceremony.

The former Northern Territory youth detainee was demonstrating for Aboriginal rights when a group allegedly rushed the Gold Coast venue where the ceremony was taking place and were wrestled into handcuffs by police.

Voller and two women were charged with one count of public nuisance each after several fights broke out. The 20-year-old man will appear at Southport Magistrates Court on May 3.

Police said they would not tolerate disruptive behaviour during the Games after clashing with demonstrators after non-ticket holders allegedly tried to get into Carrara Stadium.

“Around 7.30pm, a group of people were protesting in a carpark outside of the stadium,” said Queensland Police in a statement. “It will be alleged that some protesters attempted to gain unauthorised entry into the venue.

Aboriginal protesters are arrested by police during the Commonwealth Games opening ceremony. Picture: Britt Ramsey

Aboriginal protesters are arrested by police during the Commonwealth Games opening ceremony.

Demonstrators were held down after allegedly trying to storm the Gold Coast stadium after a day of peaceful protests turned ugly, with scuffles breaking out. Picture: Britt Ramsey

Demonstrators were held down after allegedly trying to storm the Gold Coast stadium after a day of peaceful protests turned ugly, with scuffles breaking out.


“The Queensland Police Service respects the right of people to protest lawfully and peacefully in Queensland but will not tolerate disruptive behaviour during the Commonwealth Games and associated events.”

Two Queensland women aged 21 and 30 were also charged with one count each of public nuisance and are due to appear in the Southport Magistrates Court on April 23.

The drama came after a day of mostly peaceful “Stolenwealth” protests turned ugly, with scuffles breaking out as around 100 demonstrators faced off with police on horseback.

The demonstrators carried banners reading “Colonisation Is Not A Game” and chanted “always was, always will be Aboriginal land” as they waved Aboriginal flags.

They were pushed back by police as they tried to enter the stadium, chanting “No Justice, No Games”. They had earlier been directed by police into a field across the road from the main entrance via a soggy paddock and car park.

Indigenous activists displayed signs reading ‘Stolenwealth Games’ and ‘Colonisation is not a Game’ as they protested for Aboriginal rights. Picture: Britt Ramsey


A smaller group halted the Queen’s baton relay briefly earlier Wednesday by blocking a road near Main Beach before the route was amended for the final 14 baton bearers to continue.

Canberra: Disruption of Parliament and Banner Drop in Solidarity with the SuperGlue7 Defendants

Early on Wednesday March 28th, a banner reading “Close the Camps, Open the Borders” was dropped from the Commonwealth Bridge in Canberra, the capital city of Australia. Flares were let off to highlight the action.

The action was taken in solidarity with the ‘Superglue 7’ who are on trial in the Supreme Court this week. The Superglue 7 are members of Whistleblowers, Activists and Citizens Alliance (WACA). On November 30th, 2016 they travelled with 50 other members from across Australia to Canberra. They all went to Parliament House where they disrupted Question Time from the public gallery. They called for an end to Australia’s inhumane policies that are in breach of UN Human Rights Conventions. The Superglue 7 glued their hands to the balustrade in the public gallery. The group used a ‘mic check’ speech to demand that the government closes all refugee detention camps and that detained asylum seekers be safely resettled. As a result, the seven were charged with intent to damage Commonwealth property.

Several other protests in support of refugees and in solidarity with the accused have occured in the nation’s capital over the past three days. On the second day of the trial, other activists interrupted Question Time again. They stated that they refuse to be complicit in the government’s human rights crimes against refugees. No superglue was used and all of the protesters were released without charge.

A spokesperson for the group said “while asylum seekers and refugees are held indefinitely in appalling conditions, people will continue to fight against bipartisan policies of cruelty that are Australia’s shame. We will not stop until there is justice for refugees”.

Sydney: Solidarity with Russian Anarchist Prisoners

18 March – In response to a solidarity appeal from comrades in Russia, on the 18th of March, the day of the Russian elections, a group of anarchists in Sydney, gathered at the Russian consulate. We distributed leaflets about the situation of imprisoned Russian anarchists and antifascists and chanted soligans against police, prisons and the Putin regime.

West Java: Backhoe Torched during Resistance Against Development Project in Bandung


– Residents of RW 11 Tamansari, Bandung, and solidarity consisting of students and communities who are still struggling to maintain their homes are clashing with contractors and mass organizations that supporting rumah deret (mass apartment project). This event occurred on Tuesday March 7, 2018 around 10:00 pm in the area around the Film Park. Citizens and solidarity who want to occupy the Backhoe to stop the development process being held by mass organizations. Because of the defeat, mass organizations began to attack people and students with beatings and throwing stones. Dozens of students and residents were seriously injured and had to be rushed to Sariningsih hospital. A backhoe is also burned by a mass of Tamansari solidarity.

Earlier in the afternoon there had also been beating of some students by mass organizations and construction contractors. This incident was triggered by Backhoe who operated to continue the development of the house series, some solidarity masses who protested it even got a negative response to lead to violence by members of mass organizations and contractors. Whereas the process of lawsuit SKK DPKP3 which became the basis of development is running in PTUN Bandung. The judge has also stated that the construction process is suspended until a court decision is made. In addition, development activities have not received environmental permit and AMDAL. Continue reading “West Java: Backhoe Torched during Resistance Against Development Project in Bandung”