Melbourne / Narrm: Paint-Bomb Attack Against Lord Mayor Robert Doyle’s Home


7 Aug 2017 – Street Artists for Doyle Collective beautify the facade of Lord Mayor’s million dollar home, Narrm/Melbourne, so-called Australia

The Street artists for Doyle Collective, last night paid a visit to Narrm/ Melbourne’s  bloated, well-fed, shameless self-promoting, inherently conservative, human maggot, Lord Mayor, the Honorable Robert Doyle. Our intention was to send a message to Doyle and his wealthy politico-scum colleagues, that we have the ability to identify their homes and make their lives uncomfortable anytime we choose. Similarly, the rich who legislate against our friends and communities will be held accountable for their actions. (The political piggy, Doyle, was earlier this year visited at his home in a noise action against his proposed policy to further criminalise homeless people in Central Melbourne.) 

Our action involved throwing paint bombs at the facade of his million dollar home. We also distributed a “fuck you” letter addressed to Doyle, reading:

“Dear Honorable Mayor Doyle, Patron of the Melbourne Street Art Community:

We were particularly inspired by your recent support for our fellow street artists who were criminalised for their beautification of the cement bollards in Central Melbourne.

We recognise the bollards play a vital role in our national security, preventing terrorists from striking at the heart of our beloved city.

Hence, in appreciation for your support of Melbourne’s vibrant and internationally street art culture, we felt it was both our civic and creative duty to bestow upon you a personalised gift. We genuinely hope that you will forever enjoy your own priceless piece of street art. We presume our contribution will result in an increase of your property value, which, after your sad demise your child-bride and tender-aged offspring will capitalise upon.

We are sure your neighbours will agree and will similarly appreciate our efforts.

We enthusiastically welcome your thanks and will act without compunction upon further encouragement.

With our deepest respect,

Street Artists for Doyle Collective

PS: Our creative endeavour is part of an ongoing instillation project which we sincerely hope you will recognise the merit of and will provide financial support for. We title our creative endeavour “Beyond the Pale”. We thank you in advance for your patronage of the Melbourne avant-garde.”


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