Sydney: Some anti-colonial actions

26 Jan – Over the past week thousands of anti-colonial posters were put up all around Sydney, especially around locations holding “Australia Day” celebrations. On the 26th of January, six Unaustralian banners were tied to various highway overpasses.

While these minor acts can not prevent the official celebrations of Australian colonialism, it was very inspiring to see an increase in acts of resistance to ‘Aussie’ patriotism this year.

We’ve seen anti-Australian graffiti in a bunch of areas, including some huge indigenous flags painted in prominent locations,heard of paint attacks on colonial monuments and seen a bunch of videos of people burning captured flags. But most of all we were encouraged by the massive Invasion Day march, the front of which was attacked by riot police with fire extinguishers to prevent an indigenous revolutionary from burning a colonial rag. The crowd immediately reacted to this aggression by physically expelling the cops from the march, forcing the arrogant dogs of the riot squad to flee in fear, a very rare sight at demonstrations in this city.

This year has also seen a large increase in those calling for changing the date of Invasion Day, to a more “appropriate” time. The Greens mp David Shoebridge spruiked this agenda in his speech at the Invasion Day rally, which the Greens attempted to dominate with dozens of their party flag spread throughout the crowd. This is the very same party that a week ago denounced flag burning for being “violent” and in complete opposition to the party principles.

We stand alongside the indigenous and non-indigenous people who oppose any date to celebrate this nation of occupation. Every day is invasion day and every day is a good day to fight back against the promotion of patriotism and loyalty to the state and its institutions.

For the spread of anti-colonial resistance.
Fight Australia, every day!

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