NZ: Mt Eden prisoners built barricades while refusing lock-up

21 June – The head of Corrections expects some prisoners will be punished after a disturbance at Mount Eden prison today saw the jail put into lockdown when a group of prisoners in one unit refused to be locked up.
He said prisoners, who were about to be transferred, barricaded themselves on an upstairs landing and it took about 20 minutes for guards to restore order.
Mr Smith was at Mt Eden Corrections Facility on a routine visit and had been briefed about the incident.
He said it’s not uncommon for prisoners in transfer to get upset but order was always restored.

Mr Smith says discipline is a matter for prison management but he expects some prisoners will be punished.
The Corrections Department denies a riot took place and says “a disorder event” was peacefully resolved after an hour.
Corrections says in a statement the prison was put into lockdown, and the wider security of the prison and community was always maintained.
The good work of staff ensured the incident was resolved peacefully, the department said.
Advanced Control and Restraint teams from two other prisons, Auckland Prison and Spring Hill Corrections Facility, were placed on standby.


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