Blacktown (June 4th, 2016)

Anti Fascist Action Sydney

On Saturday the fourth of June, Blacktown in the west of Sydney was inundated by hordes of riled-up patriots, ready to defend their town from the violent African and Muslim gangs. They valiantly addressed the thousands of attendees and-

…Just kidding, there was a tiny gaggle of eighteen racists from the Inner West with a confused jumble of flags ranging from the Aboriginal flag to the American white supremacist confederate flag, all bunched up next to a bus shelter, yelling faintly across to the 100-150+ team of anti-racist protestors and bemused locals. Late to their own rally, protected by a small crew of their mates, the riot cops, and obscured by a taxi rank (from which taxi drivers were not shy in expressing their distaste for the “#White Lives Matter”, “Make Australia Great Again” and “Deport Violent African and Muslim Gangs” placards), the Party for Freedom stood in the rain for…

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