Naarm / Melbourne: LGBTQI community blockade of Australian Christian Lobby event

Insurrection News

On the evening of 27.08.16. the far-right religious conservative, transphobic, queerphobic hate group the Australian Christian Lobby (ACL) held an event at Scot’s Church in Naarm / Melbourne CBD.

The ACL have been running a hateful campaign in conjunction with the ruling Liberal National Party (LNP) that has resulted in the LNP cutting vital aspects of the Safe Schools program, a program that was set up to stop bullying of LGBTQI kids in schools. In Tasmania, the ACL are attempting to block changes to Equal Opportunity legislation which would remove obstacles that currently prevent Transgender people from changing the sex indicated on their birth certificates. The ACL are also campaigning to repeal abortion laws in Victoria and to block change to laws affecting sex workers in South Australia.

One of the speakers at the Naarm / Melbourne event included Eric Metaxas, a conservative bigot from the USA who is infamous for…

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