Melbourne: Police search for limping man who set Pakington St’s ANZ ATM on fire

An ANZ Bank ATM was destroyed by fire in an early morning arson attack on Pakington St, Geelong West.

28 March – Police are searching for a man with a distinctive limp after an ATM was set on fire overnight.

ANZ Bank’s Geelong West branch was attacked around 2.38am early Monday morning by a man of stocky build, aged approximately in his 50s and with a limp in his right leg, police say.

After attempting to attack the ATM with a crowbar, the man poured fuel on it and set the machine on fire.

The blaze engulfed the shopfront, with flames shooting high above the windows and scorching the roof.

Significant damage also spread into the bank itself, burning through the windows and taking hold inside.

“We have a team onsite at the moment assessing the damage to both the branch and the ATM,” an ANZ Bank spokesman said.

“The ATM has been completely destroyed and we are assisting the police with its investigation.

“We will hopefully know later today if we are able to open the branch tomorrow.”

On Monday, shoppers on the busy shopping strip milled around the bank, which was cordoned off by police as investigations continue.


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