Solidarity and strength to R94 & all the Rebels of Rigaer strasse! (Australia / Germany)

Insurrection News


As the bitter news of the attacks on the emancipatory structures and projects of the Rigaer kiez reach us, we extend our whole hearted solidarity and strength to all the rebellious inhabitants of Rigaer strasse.

We find it entirely unsurprising that within the context of a dramatic rise in attacks against refugees, rents rises and evictions, we witness this bloated and vicious assault on a hot spot of anti-gentrification and anti-fascist activism in Berlin.
For in the crass and plundering acts orchestrated by that armchair warrior Henkel and his hired gimps in uniform the facade of social democracy is exposed and we see to the heart of the issue at hand.
The violence of poverty, exploitation and dispossession is a daily lived reality for the many marginalized (and therefore considered beneath dignity) under this system. The countless acts of brutality that emit from and resonate with the flow of…

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