Philippines: An Anti-Election piece & Food Not Bombs Action


26 Dec – The mud-slinging, the ridiculous character assassinations, and cyber-bullying being done by followers of the politicians aspiring for the 2016 Philippine presidency are indicators that it is all a sham recycled from several decades ago. This is why I stand by my opinion that there are better things to do to change the country than voting. This is because, whoever wins, a large part of the country’s population will still go hungry and their lives will barely change. An empty stomach, lack of shelter, and no access to proper health care can’t wait another six years.


A local Food Not Bombs chapter can keep 20+ homeless families fed until they are strong enough to look for sources of livelihood, all with just food donations and a minuscule budget. How many government agencies with access to millions of pesos can boast of expediting the same thing? I will change my mind about voting when the machine is not broken anymore and everyone is ensured of having their voices heard. For the meantime, I’ll discuss with my wife how we can further help families in the provinces get cheap medicine and free hospitalization, like what we’ve always done before. We will continue to support local direct action efforts to better the lives of those that the government would round up and hide every time APEC is held here. That is better than being stuck in bureaucratic red tape, because the results with the former are evidently better and immediate, despite its small scale.

Dec. 21, 2015 – Cavite Leg. Food not Bombs crew and anarcho-punks in Dasmarinas, Cavite conducted food sharing activities in the said locality followed by discussion about rhetoric of election and  the evil it brings to the people and community. The Local Autonomous Network is set to conduct series of discussions re: anti-election activities in Manila, Cubao, Cavite and Bulacan.

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