Cambodia: Suspect Steals AK-47, Fires at Officers

27 Dec – A suspected thief under questioning at the Trapaing Prasat District police station in Oddor Meanchey province broke into a police car and stole an AK-47, prompting a dramatic pursuit in which the suspect fired repeatedly at officers.

Dam Saray, Trapaing Prasat’s district deputy police chief, said yesterday that police had arrested two suspected thieves, who are brothers,

“We were questioning them in the morning around 8 o’clock and then one of the suspects, Keo Ratana, ran outside and used a stick to break a police car’s window and took an AK-47 that was kept in the car and ran away, but the police followed him,” he said.

Mr. Saray said that about 50 police, military police and border guards followed the suspect, who allegedly fired multiple times at his pursuers. Nobody was injured by the shooting.

“The suspect shot about 10 times at the forces,” Mr. Saray said. “We did not shoot back at him. We tried to arrest him until [we did so at] about 9:30 am.” Mr. Saray said yesterday that the two suspects had been sent to the provincial police station for further questioning.


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